Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Does map reveal suggest game has been leaked?

By Alan Ng - Oct 9, 2011

If you are pumped up for the release of Skyrim, we have something which is likely to be of interest to you. You may be already aware of a special, full-scale burlap style map of Skyrim that is available as a bonus when you pre-order the game with various retailers, but now we have a preview of that map to show you for the first time.

It looks like someone has managed to get their hands on Skyrim weeks before release, and as a result the map has been revealed in close detail online. The only problem though, is that the map is in Russian, but it does still give fans a general feel of the scope of Skyrim, as well as a glance at some of the intricate roads featured in the game.

Perhaps more importantly, this map leak gives you an idea of the distance between each city and you’ll see that each main city has been provided with a slick coat of arms, and there’s also little sub-cities or towns as well that are scattered fairly close to cities. Mountains will make up a huge part of the Skyrim landscape, and zooming in on the map provided by Randomprodinc will show you this in full effect.

We’re hoping that someone will now go-ahead and reveal a map in English instead, as its a little bit of a tease to see such a significant leak, only to find that we can’t enjoy it properly since it’s in Russian. Just to remind you, this map will be available in a special material included in the box by pre-ordering the game, but you’ll still get a standard paper map if you just pick up the game at launch.

Is this the first time that you have seen the sheer size of the Skyrim map? Considering that this map is now available on the internet, does it mean that somebody already has a full leaked copy of the game in Russia? If this is true, more leaks may be on the way and it will obviously be a huge headache for Bethesda. Give us your thoughts on the reveal!

UPDATE: The map has now been translated into English! View it here, courtesy of Myona.

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  • Jeremy Batts

    Already been stated elswehere: the maps were handed out by Bethesda at a conference in Europe. Not a leak at all.

  • This article is bogus. I saw a poster of the map IN ENGLISH at my local game store. They were promoting the bonus physical map you receive when you pre-order the game. I don’t see how this proves that the game has been leaked at all.

  • None

    Maps cool personally dont want a leak of the entire game

  • Hkj

    i hope the game gets leaked!

  • Scott Ogden

    I feel like it would be a lot easier to get the map than the game. I doubt the game was leaked. just someone got a hold of the paper map, cause that’s what this is creases and all.

  • Tanner

    poor todd howard…. karma has a way of pimp slappin ya for pushin around mojang! he’s still a god tho

    • Jesus

      todd howard is not the owner of zenimax and thus has nothing to do with the lawsuit. And if you look at the terms of Mojang’s trademark they want the word scrolls trademarked in practically every medium ever, and the courts actually stated they could not have this because of zenimax already holding trademark over the elder scrolls which they said had the possibility to cause consumer confusion. Mojang is the enemy, not Zenimax.

  • uncleniccius

    awesome! 🙂