Will GTA 5 on PS4 / Xbox 720 match this visual fidelity?

Forza 4 is due out in the next couple of days in the U.S. and then days after that for Europe and other parts of the world. The reason that we thought we would mention this within the post is the fact that some game reviewers have been saying that this is the game that Gran Turismo should have been. Well if you watch the video that we have embedded for you below you can see GTA 4 with yet another mod.

You have to wonder what kind of setup they had to get such a mod to look like this; the game looks astonishing? I know what all you Forza fans are thinking, but once you watch the video and take in the “visual fidelity” you will see just what GamingBolt is going on about.

We are told that this is an ENB mod and that it is running on the latest PC; but we have to wonder if GT5 would look as good on the PS4 or Xbox 720? We ask this because that game will be a few years old by the time these next-generation consoles come to market, much like GT4 is now, and that shows that it still has a lot too offer for modders.

We cannot see that they will ever match that kind of detail or color correction, showing that if you want a game to show off every little detail, then you need to go with the PC, Battlefield 3 is proof of that. Now console fans will not like that, and will come out attacking how playing on their PS3 or Xbox 360 is far simpler than mashing away at some buttons. Keep an eye out this weekend, as you might be able to get the Red Bull X2010 without completing all events.



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