Expecting Siri for iPad 2

By Peter Chubb - Oct 8, 2011

Since the unveiling of the iPhone 4S the only feature that seems to be on our minds is Siri, but those with any other version of the iPhone will not be able to use the voice assistant because the hardware is not able to handle it. Apple states that it needs the A5 chip in order to run things, so how come the iPad 2 does not have it?

There are certainly high expectations for Siri, but we all have to remember that it is in beta, so you would have thought that Apple would have made it available for the iPad 2, as this would have helped to develop the system to get it out of beta as soon as possible? There is a fear that an iPad 2S will be coming instead of an iPad 3 – it does make you wonder, as Apple are ahead in the tablet game.

Having said that, if Apple were to make a habit of just releasing S versions, then the competition will pounce like a Killer Whale to a Seal. Let’s not read too much into this, just remember that Siri will be in beta for a while, so Apple thought it would be better to just make it available to their new smartphone and wait to the full release to give it to second-generation iPad users.

The iPhone 4S never got the attention that is deserved, people seem to moan that it is not the update that they wanted and that Apple is using Siri to make the new handset sound more than it is. We do not call a new processor, new camera, improved graphics and antenna and also Siri a small upgrade. People seem to be holding onto what a phone looks like on the outside.

Okay, so the A5 processor is looking old now compared to rival CPUs coming to market, but we seem to forget that Apple gets more out of their hardware because they build their software as well, so no custom UI’s.

For those who are not certain if they want a new iPhone 4S and would rather wait for the iPhone 5, then take look at Siri in action in this video below. Come on Apple tell us why Sire is not coming to the iPad 2, as we are expecting it?

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  • Anonymous

    actually all the disappointment over the iPhone 4S is limited to the blogsphere echo chamber. and all you children who are unhappy because you didn’t get that pony from Apple for Xmas. consumers are very happy. this week we’re getting a great new snapshot camera, all the iOS 5 upgrades, all the new iCloud services, better antennas, and more telco choices. without messing up the beautiful iPhone 4 design just to have a “new” model.

    Siri doesn’t even matter – yet. this is just a beta with far more yet to come.

    you spec/gadget heads just don’t have a clue what motivates the other 95% of the market. the 4S will be a huge success. early next year you’ll be blaming that on some ‘reality distortion field.’ you just will never admit your own self-absorption and resulting irrelevance.