Analyzing iPhone 4S sales and install base

By Peter Chubb - Oct 8, 2011

We have to try and get over this negative response to the iPhone 4S, because the 3GS was the same when compared to the 3, and the former sold more than the latter, so we have no reason to see why the new version will not do the same. Okay, so we know that Apple will have it much tougher than they did back in 2009, but they still have a few years left at the top.

What makes the iPhone 4S very different is its install base, which many experts have now been analyzing, and they believe that sales will be very impressive. Firstly there is AT&T, who has been with the iPhone from the start, then there is Verizon, who now gets Apple’s handset the moment it is launched. There is also a new kid to the iPhone party, and that is Sprint.

Sprint must be confidant, as they have invested a huge amount of money into the iPhone. Since the passing of Steve Jobs there was a fear that shares in Apple, Sprint etc would be affected, and they were in the short term. However, the stocks have bounced back, and investors can rest easy, as Jobs left ideas of future devices for the next four years.

IndustryGamers believes that one of the biggest selling points for the iPhone 4S is its gaming potential (although we believe it to be Siri), which was showcased during Tuesdays keynote. Analysts except that Apple will be able to move around 9 million a month. It’s thought that the iPhone 4S will sell 1.7 million more units in 3 days compared to that of the current generation model. So if we were to work that out to sales per quarter, then we are looking at sales of 27 million, or around 108 million in a year.

To give you an idea on those sorts of numbers, it would only take the iPhone 4S to beat Nintendo’s 3DS install base in just three weeks. However, we are only looking at one handset, they have since introduced an 8GB iPhone 4 and also lowered the price of the 3GS, making it more appealing to those on a tighter budget.

Let’s get one thing straight, Apple is not going anywhere, yes rivals will start to catch-up, but the iPhone 4S will have the edge. One other thing, at least we know that something radical will come next year, and the fact that Apple would want to do Steve Jobs proud.

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  • Drdave

    All well and good. We love our iPhone (4)s. Just pissed that Apple is stealing Siri from us. None of the four of us in our family find the 4S worth moving to.

  • I’m looking at upgrading my 9800 to a 9810 mainly because double processor speed,O/S 7,better reso. when I put both Torches in my Seidio case it’s pretty darn near bullet proof but still very accessible. The i4S kills the 9810 with standby talk time,Screen Reso,2nd camera,processor A5 dual core but it doesn’t have a physical Qwerty keyboard-very hard to give up when your used it. Wish my Playbook had a dock/keyboard station. Nokia N900 and my old E75 had Java but it seems to be falling out of favour? I think that people should realise that in terms of features and build quality the i4s is a bloody good phone period. If only it had a slide out keyboard I’d seriously think about getting one.