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Sprint’s stock volatile with iPhone 4S pre-orders in focus

Even before the iPhone 4S was released we warned you that Sprint would not have the exclusive, even though there were rumors that they would – well we all know how wrong rumors can be? The carrier had put a lot of money into getting the new iPhone from Apple, and it now seems like they are paying the price, as Sprint’s stock is very volatile at the moment.

The company has invested billions into the new handset, and will take them a few years to claw that money back. The main focus for Sprint is to get as many pre-orders for their first stab at the iPhone, but the high subsidy costs will make it tough, and will affect their bottom line for some time.

Forbes reports that on Monday Sprint’s stock fell by 10 percent, but come Tuesday things started to recover. This was the same for Apple when they announced the 4S; investors were a little shocked that the iPhone 5 was a no show. At one point it lost almost 5 percent of its value, but managed to finish 0.58 percent down in after trading. It’s going to be a tough road for Sprint, as they have to fight with AT&T and Verizon for the spoils, but there is enough for all.

We will have to wait a while to see how well pre-orders went for Sprint, but we would expect them to be very well considering they are the only carrier to offer unlimited data plans. This used to be available to other carriers, but since got rid of them, much to the annoyance of their customers. This offer will be an attractive one for iPhone users, as they will not feel limited to what they do – especially as iCloud is on the way.



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