PS3 system update 4.0: Expectations are in

By Peter Chubb - Oct 7, 2011

On Monday we asked what features you would like to see with PS3 system update 4.0; the expectations are in, so now is the time to see what you want from the firmware update. One feature that keeps getting a mention is for a YouTube app, the reason why is because the browser experience is horrible, as well as the fact that they are only shown in 240p – it’s like we have gone back in time with that quality.

Speaking of the browser, it seems as though the use of Google Chrome is a popular one, and you can see why, as they have now taken the second spot from Firefox. We have not heard this one for a while, but one reader would like to see Region-free DVD support. One reason for this is being able to view more content from other countries.

In game XMB needs to not only be improved but also offer the ability for customization. The in game menu has always been a little on the slow side, so the PlayStation 3 update 4.0 needs to be able to speed things up a little. More often than not we create a PSN ID that was fun at the time, but after some time makes you wonder what on earth you were thinking, so being able to change this would be a bonus?

One feature that a few PS3 owners would like to see is a sort of nod to the Xbox 360, being able to install a game while it is downloading. This will speed up the entire process, although we don not know if such a thing is possible with Sony’s games console?

These are just a few of the most popular features wanted for firmware update 4.0, but there are 61 and counting so far, which you can read them in full here.

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  • Dylan from NY

    new browser!! in game music is good. id say party chat is most wanted but apparently the ps3 doesnt have enough ram. faster trophy syncing. SOCOM II HD

  • Sneakyfox_888

    Party Chat

  • ingame music is a must