Preference for Steve Jobs Biography: hardcover over iPad

The long awaited Steve Jobs Biography has now been moved to October 2011, and is expected to have some additional content in, which will talk about the great man stepping down as Apple CEO. It has also been suggested that Jobs and biographer Walter Isaacson knew weeks ago that he did not have long left on this world, which must have been a very emotional thing for his family.

The book itself is one of dilemma, as there were so many people who were going to purchase this book on the iPad or a digital copy on Kindle. However, since his passing it is said that pre-orders and sales of the hardcover versions will go through the roof. Not many people like physical copies anymore, but I will be making this one of the only books that will not be downloaded, as it will not seem personal enough.

This is a little ironic for Steve Jobs, as his vision was to embrace technology; so choosing paper form seems to go against that idea. Having said that, we should never fully let go of the old ways, I am reminded of the original ‘Time Machine’ movie where all the books just crumbled, as they were not looked after.

The Kindle version can be yours for $20.24, the hardcover $17.88 and an audio version for $20.24 and $31.49, all from Amazon. The release date will now be the 24th of October. The pre-order charts for the Steve Jobs Biography was in the 500’s, but once word spread of his untimely death it did not take long for it to reach number one on Amazon.

Will you be buying the digital copy or hardcover?



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