Delaying Motorola Xoom 2, Family Edition takes precedence

By Peter Chubb - Oct 7, 2011

Towards the end of last month a new Motorola tablet was spotted, which started the rumor mill, as it was generally thought that it was the upcoming Xoom 2. However, we have reason to believe that the Schaumburg based company might be delaying the their new tablet. We say this because it has just come to light that a new Family Edition of the current version has been spotted.

All the signs are there that there will not be a second-generation Xoom just yet, as Verizon has only just released the upgrade for 4G LTE data support. Why would they offer support for the current version if there were a new one just around the corner? However, it does show that Big Red is thinking of owners of the original model.

The new Xoom Family Edition will come pre-loaded with a family software suite, which does seem a little weird, as we cannot remember hearing consumers asking for such a feature. What this version gives you is something called Zoodles, which normally costs around $40. Currently not much else is known, but we will keep you informed once we have a price and a release date.

We cannot understand why Motorola would want to offer such a version, as there are apps out there that will do the same thing. Zoodles is software that will stop your children to going into parts of your tablet where you would not want them to go. The only content that they can use is within Zoodles itself, so allowing them to enjoy a host of games, videos etc. Do you think the Xoom Family Edition is just another way for Motorola to get more money from you – if so this will not help their cause against the iPad 2?

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  • Anonymous

    actually if it’s more than that zoodles crap it’s genius. To me, one of the major issues with the android tablets replacing a laptop is there are no logins.

    . Our xoom has my google account, my wifes, and the one my kids share. You always have to pay attention and make sure you are in the right account to use gmail or favorites or google docs  or your search history etc etc. Who’s facebook account are we logged in before we post…   If I turn on my gmail notifications my wife will get pinged on the notification bar every time she uses the tablet and i get an email. They updated the market now with the PIN but before that my 4 year old daughter could create major havoc playing her dora game or whatnot. There’s enough home screens that everyone can get their own but still would be nice if you could ‘log in’ and at least get yours to come to the front.  Noticably newer motor-blur-lite one phones like the Droid Pro has “profiles” for home screens…, so if they made that to also keep your login settings matched to the profile selected it would be really nice.In short its a pain to share a tablet between users so hopefully they have something going on to address it. 

  • Seems like just a way to re-release a good product that got started off on the wrong foot. What with being incomplete at first and being way over priced, the original Xoom was much maligned. Now that most of the original issues are fixed and the price has dropped significantly, alot of people are taking a second look at it. Still its not considered a new thing, but take that same product and find a gimmicky way to give it a new feel and you might be able to get people to pick it up again.

    On my ship, more and more people are starting to buy the Xoom, especially alot of former ipad aficionados. who are starting to get past the bells and whistles and look at the cold hard facts and realize that while xoom may not be as user friend, its far more usable.