Battlefield 3 Caspian Border map open to all in PC beta

Over the past week we have heard from a number of our readers how Battlefield 3 beta has let them down. The main reason for this is the huge amount of glitches in the game, but at least they can now rest easy knowing that it is based on old code. That’s not the only good news; those with the PC beta will now find that the Caspian Border map will be open to them on this final weekend of testing. Expectations are now very high for BF3, we just hope that we are not let down in three weeks time?

However, there is a fear that users could encounter crashes, outages and network instability while DICE stress tests their servers. We should rest easy knowing that the servers will have configuration work done in time for the public release of the game. Battlefieldo has learned from DICE that they have stated the obvious when they say that you are helping bring a more stable Battlefield 3 release.

This however is another kick in the teeth for those with a PS3 or Xbox 360, as the Caspian Border map is only available to 64-player server configurations, so a PC to you or I. The map should now be live, so we would really like to know what you think so far? Also share with us any glitches that you have found.

What makes this news so special is that this is considered one of the best maps, as it offers the player a true Battlefield experience. It does not take long for PC users to start winding consoles players up, as they have been saying why BF3 will be much better for PC. It’s pretty hard to argue with them, especially after seeing some of the graphic comparison results. However, you will need to spend a small fortune on a decent graphics card to achieve these remarkable results.



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