Sprint iPhone 4S: Unlimited data priced, better than AT&T, Verizon?

By Alan Ng - Oct 6, 2011

If you tuned into Apple’s ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event on Tuesday, you’ll know that Apple also announced that Sprint would be joining AT&T and Verizon in getting their hands on the new iPhone 4S smartphone when it lands October 14th.

Well now, things have just got a great deal better for Sprint customers, as it has been confirmed that the carrier will offer an unlimited data plan for the new device, giving it an instant incentive to pick up ahead of the AT&T and Verizon versions of the device, according to AllThingsD.

Here’s the important part to pay attention to. It looks like Sprint’s unlimited data plan will come in at a starting price of $69.99 a month, which will include 450 minutes of call time as well. If you want to go even further with the addition of unlimited minutes on top of unlimited data, then be prepared to fork out $99.99 with Sprint’s Simply Everything plan.

Obviously, it’s not a cheap option by any means, but the fact that Sprint are openly offering unlimited data and the fact it is very difficult to achieve this on AT&T and Verizon, it will be seen as a price worth paying if it is the only way to get an unlimited data fix on the iPhone 4S. One important thing to point out though, is that Sprint’s iPhone 4S will NOT support their 4G WiMAX data network, so this data will have to be utilized on their 3G network if you decide to take out a plan.

With Verizon and AT&T only offering tiered data plans for the iPhone 4S, does this now make it an easy choice out of the three in your decision on which carrier to opt for? Unlimited data is a strong card to have in Sprint’s possession and it may be the ultimate factor that drives sales for the company.

Will you be paying $69.99 for unlimited data on Sprint for the iPhone 4S?

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  • Nsnarayan10

    good one,but check out the speed bcz i dont trust sprint to provide promised speed!

  • Andy J Karn

    I don’t like apple very much anyway, but another point would be that 4g isn’t even available everywhere. So, if you’re not in a 4g area, it doesn’t make much of a difference.

  • Jeffharris17

    What you fail to mention is that is 450 land line minutes and unlimited mobile to mobile on any carrier.