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Possible Nexus Prime release date before Mobile Unpacked 2011

We have a last minute update on the release status of the highly anticipated Google Nexus Prime handset for you now, just days away from the upcoming Mobile Unpacked 2011 event where the handset is expected to be unveiled.

We recently showed you a teaser image of the device unveiling its curved design in a Samsung video promo for Mobile Unpacked, but now we have some potentially huge info to share with you, a possible release date for the beastly device.

Information obtained courtesy of Droid-Life has suggested that the Nexus Prime could be launching on Thursday October 27th, after details allegedly reveal that Verizon are sending out emails to staff informing them of upcoming retail release dates. Other devices on the list other than the Nexus Prime include the Samsung Stratosphere, meant to be launching on October 13 and also the Pantech 4G Global Modem which has been given a launch date of October 20.

It is worth pointing out however that the HTC Vigor is nowhere to be seen on that list, as it is another hotly anticipated device that is set for release on Verizon soon. Still though, a date is better than no date at all so we should definitely keep an eye open for further information relating to a October 27 launch for the Nexus Prime.

Earlier on this week we told you that anticipation for the Prime was arguably higher than that of the recently unveiled Apple iPhone 4S. From feedback we gathered from that belief, it seems as if our assumption is correct and many smartphone owners were disappointed that there wasn’t a brand new design for new iPhone. However, it will obviously be a main threat to Google’s upcoming Prime, so it will be interesting to see who will win the sales battle.

Still undecided about the Nexus Prime or iPhone 4S? Remember to take note of October 27th as it could be the big day.



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