Eccentric new Renault Twizy confirmed, Color price and specs

By Chris Cook - Oct 6, 2011

Mercedes need to watch out because there is a new smart car in town and it goes by the name of the Renault Twizy. This two-seater battery powered marvel is set to add some personality to the roads next year with its ultra-compact and eccentric design. Today the company announced its price and specs for the mid-entry level trim, Color.

Weighing in at just 450kg, the Twizy Color is the newest addition to the range from Renault and sits between the top-entry level Technic and the entry-level Urban. It comes with either orange panels with black bodywork or white bodywork with a choice of orange, green or blue panels for the sides and roof. The glovebox and upholstery colors of the vehicle can also be specified.

It will be priced from £6,690 when it hits the UK in March next year, making it £450 cheaper than the Technic and just £260 more than the Urban. The EV comes without a battery however. From what we understand the batteries are rented separately every month on what appears to be similar to a mobile phone contract deal that lasts three years, at 4,500 miles-per-annum from £40.

The electric motors on the Colors have a torque of 57Nm, making the vehicle capable of speeds up to 50mph and a range of 60 miles off of a three and a half hour full charge. Standard models of these EVs will all be equipped with a battery consumption display and ‘econometer’ in the dashboard, Z.E. onboard computer, heated tinted windscreen, 3mcharging cable, two gloveboxes and 13” wheels. For an extra £350 color-coordinated alloy wheels can be fitted and for an extra £455 color-coordinated half-scissor doors can also be fitted. Check out for more details.

What do you think of the new Renault Color?

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