Brainstorming new Xbox name, 720 a contradiction

By Peter Chubb - Oct 6, 2011

Most Xbox users know that Microsoft has plans for a ten-year life-cycle for the current console, but that has not stopped the rumors from spreading that one is coming before then. It had been thought that it would be this year, now experts suggest that it will be next year. Well we are uncertain of that, as we are with the name. For some reason consumers have latched onto the name Xbox 720, and we have to wonder why this is – even we are guilty of this?

The rumors of this name have increased over the past few days, ever since an Xbox 720 ad was seen in the movie Real Steel, which is set in 2020. Now there is so much wrong with this, along with the name itself. The first is this whole life-cycle, we just cannot see the 720 (or whatever it will be called)coming out next year, and then going on for another 8 years.

However, it could be a subliminal message that a new console is coming, but then there is still that name. GameZone cannot understand why people have said that the next Xbox will be called the 720, as it does not make any sense? Maybe it was any easy assumption for someone to just double 360, which does seem a little stupid, as the first Xbox was not called the 120 180. This would mean that the 720 is a bit of a contradiction, wouldn’t you agree??

Not being a huge gaming fan it is hard to say what name Microsoft will come up with, but I cannot see it being 720. However, as we have no way of knowing what it will be called, then 720 is the safest bet for now. We think that it’s time for some brainstorming, as we need to come up with a better name than the one that we have all latched on to?

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  • Jamie

    Xbox Infinity

  • Nsnarayan10

    i want to see the official name from microsoft

  • all names i’ve seen  so far are disgusting. hopefully they will come up with something better.

  • xbox III or should i say XBOX THE THIRD

  • “which does seem a little stupid, as the first Xbox was not called the 120.”
    Mathematics fail.

  • I’d guess that whatever name they give it will reflect the unity they’re striving for between Mobile, PC and console platforms.

    Hey…  that’s not bad…  XBox Unity.

  • Dejavu202

    xbox cloud
    xbox X
    Xbox 3