8GB iPhone 4 price, mid-end smartphone market dominance

By Jamie Pert - Oct 6, 2011

Now that Apple has revealed the iPhone 4S the iPhone 4 already sounds dated, unsurprisingly Apple’s 4th-generation iPhone will still be sold, however it looks like Apple will be pushing the 8GB model as it is competitively prices at just $99.

This price requires a two-year deal with either AT&T or Verizon and we think that it will be a very popular offering, with a 5 megapixel camera, a 1GHz processor, great battery life and iOS 5 you will find it hard to find a better smartphone for your money. The software and hardware combine together perfectly to deliver a rich and easy-to-use smartphone and for most users 8GB of storage will be sufficient.

You should know all about the technical specifications by now, but if not check out this link, scroll down halfway and click on “Technical Specifications”, this will remind you why millions of people around the world have bought this standard-setting smartphone – with iOS 5 it will gain a new lease of life thanks to hundreds of changes / improvements.

Currently the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4 models cost $199.99 and $299.99 from AT&T respectively, as for Verizon they are now listing the 16GB model for $149.99 and the 32GB variant for $199.99 – we really think that the 8GB iPhone 4 will be a popular mid-end smartphone now and battle it out with the HTC Thunderbolt, Motorola DROID X2, LG Revolution, HTC Inspire, LG Thrill, MOTOROLA ATRIX and Samsung Infuse which share the same price, what would you buy?

Do you think the $99 price tag is too high? Let us know below.

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