Skyrim demo: Create a character pre-release, Tips for Bethesda

By Alan Ng - Oct 5, 2011

We have touched upon our thoughts regarding the lack of a demo release for upcoming RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the past, but we still feel like Bethesda could give more reasons as to why they still refuse to do it, other than the fact that it’s time consuming.

Just to refresh, the game will release on November 11th, coming up to just one month away from the big day. There obviously is little chance of a demo happening now so soon before release, but we have one good idea that Bethesda should include for the next release – if there is one of course.

We’ve heard how just including one dungeon would be too much of an effort for the company, but we think that Bethesda would gain a lot more newcomers to the Elder Scrolls franchise if they gave gamers an introduction to the game before release. We recently told you how Skyrim was voted 15th place out of a possible 20 in terms of games in demand this Christmas, and we have a feeling that one of the reasons for Skyrim’s low ranking was due to the fact that a lot of gamers still don’t know about what Elder Scrolls is all about about.

If Bethesda were smart, they could have released a short demo build of the game, allowing players to create their character of choice before the game is out. This would serve as the perfect scenario to give newcomers a taste of the game, while saving this created character to a file ready for the full game should a gamer wish to purchase would be a great incentive not only to the player, but to Bethesda as well.

Players could select, name, dress and choose what skills their chosen race will have and work out what skills he or she will focus on throughout the adventure. To those of you that have played Oblivion, this is no quick process either, as it can actually take a good while to carefully think what path to choose, since it has a significant effect on the whole game after all.

We don’t expect Bethesda to implement this in time for Skyrim, but we can’t help but feel like they missed a trick here. Do you think it would have been a good idea if Bethesda let you create your character in a Skyrim demo?

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  • C-herrera

    were is this game

  • Amryuthalion

    All the Elder Scrolls games have become “Game Of the Year” and are released with extended game play like the “armor of the 9” in oblivion, and the island of werewolves in Morrowind. Having a Demo would of been AWESOME just so we can get the basic gameplay down. but saving the character would of been a waste, since almost everyone wants to start a new even if they made what they THINK is a good character. I for one, wanted a demo with “pre-made” characters of each race that we can customize skills and have a rundown of the map without any quests. I just wanted to check out the fighting, the running, and the skills, as well as the expansive map before the game actually came out. Oh well, I guess now I have to spend a minimum of one month without doing anything else but trying to figure out all the special places to go and which monsters are spawned where.

    Thing I haven’t seen any videos for or heard any news about is mounts and the movements of the mounts. I never liked horses in Oblivion because they moved so differently. I also hope they drop the map teleportation from oblivion and bring back the auto movement from Marrowind. I like having to find the stations and move by that instead of a point and click movement. (that made the game TOO easy)

  • BobtheHappyChicken

    It’s going to sell a bazillion copies and be voted game of the year. Who cares?

  • Anrikay

    Personally, I am glad that Bethesda did not release a demo. The Elder Scrolls are games based off of storylines, of spending hours shaping a character into what you want it to be. Putting out a demo based on creating a character will make people think that TES is another version of the Sims. Only older fans will appreciate the value of a character they will spend hours with, new gamers just don’t understand yet how important it is. And the older gamers know they can wait.

  • Khawk90

    Most fans of the elder scrolls games are older gamers.  As such, I’m not sure they realize how little most gamers know about the Elder Scrolls series.  It has become an industry standard to release demos of major titles.  Young gamers do not reward secrecy, not in the age of media piracy.  They want to know what they’re buying.

  • Naffy01

    id rather wait untill the 11th then have a half baked demo and then some massive bugs in the actual game because bethesda had to waste time putting out a demo in the first place. if you wanted to play the game early why not go to an expo and get 15mins of BBQ’n and slashing up the townfolk of river run like i did.

  • Dylan

    I guess you could design a character but I believe the people at Bethesda have said that you wont make any major skill choices while designing your character in the beginning of the game. You make your character as you play. I’m not personally for any demo. I think it also says something about Skyrim and Bethesda when they don’t really worry about how many people know about there game. 

  • Brent Mifsud

    were there demos for oblivion? Morrowind? Oblivion was a huge hit, i doubt the lack of a demo will stop skyrim from selling.

  • Gwen

    Sorry but the game is too awesome to break apart for a demo it has nothing to do with laziness. I respect that they don’t want to chop the game to pieces just for a demo. Also a demo wouldn’t capture enough of what makes Elder Scrolls games good anyways.

  • Scorp

    It’d be awesome to have a character creator demo early. I’m not sure about a gameply demo. The Elder Scrolls series either speaks to you or it doesn’t. It’s a niche game. To me Bethesda makes the very best games, but I have very few gamers to share my passion with because most don’t have the patience for Fallout 3 or Oblivion.

  • You do realise that you don’t actually choose what skills you want to level up before you start playing?  You just use what you want in game and they’ll level up.

  • Anonymous

    Or you could just wait a month…

  • Wolfwing0100

    Maybe if they make a demo similiar to Just cause 2 where you have a time limit but there are also Area restrictions also so if you glitch the time you cant go out.

  • ol-geez

    Most demos sell the real game short. I think the problem would be magnified by a game of Skyrim’s proportions.There is no way that a demo could possibly “sell” what ES is all about … the lore, the character’s, the factions, the HUGENESS.

    • matt

      i think you are absolutely right 🙂 it would be impossible for Bethesda to create a demo which really shows off what the game is all about. they could never capture the exploration, the choice, the factions and just the experience the elder scrolls offers in a short demo. 

  • Dylan

    I agree. As far as marketing goes, this is a missed opportunity for Bethesda. They need to realize that their games are really difficult for one to understand if he or she has never played this sort of game before. I think Bethesda should release a demo on release day or a week before.

  • Michael

    That would be infuriating. Just imagine making your and then having to wait months to actually use it. That’s like giving an action figure to a kid months before Christmas and telling him he can’t take it out of the box.

  • Laughingfortune

    Oh Hell Yeah… It would give a great look at how the characters look and It’s a great time thing. I’d love to make my character beforehand and have an Idea how it all works… It would even be enough without any story….