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Siri iPhone 4S only, Jailbreak theories with iPhone 4

If you have watched a replay of Apple’s recent Let’s Talk iPhone event in which the company unveiled the iPhone 4S smartphone, you’ll know that one of the most impressive aspects of the new device isn’t the new dual core A5 chip, but rather Apple’s new voice control personal assistant, titled Siri.

Siri is now the topic of highlight amongst iPhone fans, and it is seems like Apple has once again managed to take a basic feature and turn it into something very special indeed. Siri will perform all sorts of tasks by using voice recognition, with some tasks including being able to send and hear text messages by voice, make meetings, set reminders and much more.

Watch the included Apple introduction to Siri video below to get a better idea, as we can’t do it justice just now. Apple are really promising something big with Siri and if it turns out to work as Apple demonstrated at their event, then it could be the number one selling point for the iPhone 4S.

This is also significant in the fact that Siri will not be able to work on the iPhone 4, as it has been rumored that the hardware simply isn’t good enough to handle the tasks of Siri, as don’t forget the iPhone 4S will come with all new internals.

Having said that, this may alert a few clever individuals who may want to try their hand at getting Siri functional on the iPhone 4. The upcoming download for iOS 5 will undoubtedly bring the system files needed for Siri to operate, and we definitely wouldn’t rule out it appearing in some form or other on a jailbroken handset. We doubt Geohot will be up to the task after his recent adventures, but those guys at the iPhone Dev Team may be very interested in Siri.

How impressed are you with Apple’s new Siri feature? If someone manages to get it working on the iPhone 4, would you jailbreak your handset to try Siri or not?



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