PSN down for some, October 2011: PS3 DLC update still on schedule

By Alan Ng - Oct 5, 2011

Sony do pick their moments don’t they folks? In a day which will bring a considerable amount of content to the PlayStation Store via a huge DLC update, we’re getting reports that some users cannot access the PSN, with Sony already aware of the problem.

Firstly, let us clarify that this appears to be affecting a minority at the moment, as it’s definitely not widespread. We have just tried to sign in to the PlayStation Network in multiple regions, and we had no problems connecting at the first attempt.

However, some PS3 users are getting the error message 80710092 when trying to sign in, thus prompting a discussion on the official EU PlayStation boards, to which a Sony moderator has already replied. Below is the message ‘Rabidwalker’ gave to those that are affected:

”Hi guys, A number of users have reported they are currently having an issue signing into the PSN, and are receiving the error code 80710092.We are currently looking in to this at the moment and I will update here when I have more information.”

Obviously it’s a problem if it’s not working for some and fine for everyone else, but once again there are no problems with PSN from our end. Hopefully the service will be up for everyone, as a significant DLC update is scheduled at some point today, adding new content with highlights including free Portal 2 DLC, Crysis, NBA Jam on Fire, Resident Evil: Code Veronica X and more.

Are you having any problems signing into PSN from your location? We’ll update this when we find out more information for you.

UPDATE: RabidWalker, the Sony mod has just provided an update on his original statement: ”You should now be able to sign in to the PSN with no further issues. If you still have any problems let me know.”

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  • Ckornacki115

    oct. 25. i still cannot connect to psn its telling me that my username and password is not valid, and when i go to forgot my password, it asks for my birthday and it also says that it is invalid

  • Bastion0700

    Was unable to signup for a new PSN account on either 20th or 21st October – even from a PS3 box ! Just bought a PS3, and it is pretty disappointing :-/

  • salman

    still unable to login

    • Im in the UK, i can log in to Playstation store but the Portal 2 DLC isnt on there for some reason, i may be wrong, but i thought the DLC had already been released.  

  • David-olah

    I am not able to long in either…. internet fine, updated, same error….

  • Rspicer

    still not signing into the network 80710092