Possible PlayStation 4, Xbox 720 release date update

By Alan Ng - Oct 5, 2011

We have some exciting news for Call of Duty fans now, as although you are bound to be excited about the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 launch this November, it has been revealed that Treyarch’s next game may be on a next generation gaming console.

This will be welcome news for those of you who have had enough of current generation graphics featured on the PS3 or Xbox 360 and the idea of Treyarch getting the nod ahead of Infinity Ward will be seen as a victory for both the developers themselves and fans who loved their last game, Black Ops.

A new job listing by Treyarch has given away the hints about this possibility, as the company are looking for a new senior software engineer who will aid Treyarch in ”bringing our hugely successful game to a new console”, as reported from Eurogamer.

Further hints can also be seen in the listing as further responsibilities in this role specifically mention that candidates should be able to ”Adapt graphics and other major systems in our engine to a new platform.” – check out the listing in full here if you’re interested.

Considering that we usually get a new Call of Duty game each year, it would be safe to assume that the next game from Treyarch will be out in 2012. Could it be far too early to think they have a new game already in development for next generation consoles? The obvious answer would be yes, but the listing clearly states that Treyarch are looking for a recruit to bring Call of Duty to a ‘new console‘.

Of course, this could mean the likes of the PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS or even the recently announced Apple iPhone 4S. However, it could also be a huge bombshell and a early hint from Treyarch that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 is very close to an unveiling, the elusive Nintendo Wii U shouldn’t be ruled out either. What are your thoughts on this – is it too early to start thinking about COD on the PS4 and Xbox 720?

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  • black ops did not succeed, it was the hype for the game that it succeed 

  • Nsnarayan10

    i think its way too early to think about next call of duty on 8th generation consoles as activision release cod release game every year.perhaps call of duty 10 would be the best installment for 8th generation consoles and everyone wants to play high-class games on next generation consoles as graphics will be gearing up to catch with PC.

  • Anthony Montoya

    It is more likely that it’s for Wii U or PS vita. I don’t see why they would port an engine designed for an older generation of consoles to a newer gen.

  • Great i dunno how they let tryarch develop anything after the fail they did with black ops

    • shivvy24

      How is it a fail when it went on to sell 25million copies

      • JohnnySasaki20

        It only sold 25 million copies because of the prior success of CoD4 and MW2. If people knew it was going to be as bad as it was, quite a few people wouldn’t have bought it. I can assure you, if Treyarch’s next game is as bad as Black Ops, people will stop buying Treyarch games.

        • Jshoates24

          its only bad cause people dont appreciate old war games with the less accurate guns (which takes more skill btw) and prefer the more accurate overpower guns and shotguns of MW2 and COD4

        • And I can tell you know a whole lot about weapons right? Old war games..? World at War was an “Old” war game and it was AMAZING… Black OPS… Not at all… And around the time of the Vietnam war cannot be considered old until the 2020’s or 20,30’s at least… And yes the only reason I bought Black OPS was because I loved the previous three versions… The hype succeeded not the game… And Black OPS taking more skill? Well… I have a .95 kd in both my PS3 and 360 versions of MW2 and about .75 kd in my ps3 versions of CoD 4 and WaW… I have a 2.5 kd in Black OPS… Not because I’m good… But because 1) the game is overpowered and 2) because kids like you are able to be thrashed…
          Good day.

      • ondsnap

        If I had known how unplayable Lag Ops was going to be for the PS3, I would have NEVER purchased it!!  I have had Fail Ops since the midnight launch and still have not reached level 50.   It is a poor imitation of MW2.  When Failarch releases Connection fail Ops 2 next year, I will not be spending my money on it….The only reason I purchaed hostmigration ops was that I LOVED MW2 and wanted to see what new inovations woudl be brought to the table.  I will be purchasing a new COD every other year….

        • std5501

          dude quit using stupid language like “lag-ops” “fail ops” “failarch” “hostmigration ops” sure black ops sucked but so do ur witty remaks 😉

    • Nsnarayan10

      fail?are u in the gaming world?go look up black ops in wikipedia u will get to read positive reviews of millions of people.you have negative comment and it doesnt matter bcz negative comments are very few in number when likened to positive comments!