Nexus Prime favored after iPhone 4S, Apple loses Midus touch

By Alan Ng - Oct 5, 2011

After all the debate and speculation over the past 6 months, Apple finally delivered as expected with a brand new iPhone called the iPhone 4S. However, there was no sign of the iPhone 5 and its ‘all new design’, leaving some consumers slightly disappointed.

On the plus side, we are getting a very impressive looking upgrade to the iPhone 4 from an internal point of view. It will contain Apple’s dual-core A5 processor for starters, an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p video recording and a brand new personal voice assistant called Siri.

However, we have a feeling that the negatives may outweigh the positives on this occassion and the fact that the iPhone 4S carries the exact same design of the iPhone 4 may prove to be a major turn off for consumers as they sum up their options as to which handset to pick up next.

And there certainly are other options available, with the elusive Google Nexus Prime quietly lurking in the shadows as we build up to an inevitable announcement at Mobile Unpacked 2011 on October 11. Will Google steal Apple’s thunder by announcing the device with a dual-core 1.5Ghz, Ice Cream Sandwich OS and Google Chrome as standard?

Again it comes down to personal preference between Android and iOS, but it does feel like Apple are certainly not in God mode anymore like they were when the iPhone 4 was first announced. Google has a real chance to sway disillusioned Apple fans with their Nexus Prime smartphone, fans who were expecting something big to happen at the iPhone only to be left with an mark II iPhone 4 with minor upgrades.

If you are a consumer who is deciding whether or not to pick up the new iPhone or not – were you disappointed with Apple’s iPhone 4S reveal? Perhaps more importantly – how many of you are now going to choose the Nexus Prime based on a hint of regret over Apple’s below-par event?

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  • alittlesandwichmaker

    Guess you got your article wrong, looks like people love their 4S’ as it has smashed the record books in to pieces.

  • Sreedhar MedaraMetla

    I am going for Nexus prime.
    My only concern is Battery life. Hopefully Samsung satisfies that

  • Big_sixzero

    About two weeks ago, I started reading about the possibility of ONLY an iPhone 4S. In this case, I decided to look around more and re-found my interest in the Nexus Prime. The only thing is, I sure hope it comes out for AT&T. I was for sure going to get the newest iPhone but only if it had a new design and better specs than it has been reported. Disappointed in the new iPhone 4S to say the lease.

  • digitalage

    very disappointed.  i waited the past year and a half hoping to skip the iphone 4, only for them to come out with a “new” phone that seems to be the same with minor upgrades.  yes it has a faster processor and better camera but its nothing major.  only intentional incremental changes to string people along indefinitely.  where is the impressive architectural redesign of the phone, 4G, and bigger screen?! Apple doesn’t seem to be concerned that they are falling behind the top tier android phones because they believe that people will blindly follow them.  Personally, I’m waiting to see what the Nexus Prime has to offer..

  • Gudestboy Girish

    dissapointed koz no iphone 5,,,no sign of it 🙁 bt i will stick to my iphone4 till iphone 5 is out

  • Bryan Crow

    I will be first in line for the new nexus prime.