New iPod touch: Key price and features for 5th generation

By Peter Chubb - Oct 5, 2011

There were no real surprises during Apple’s keynote yesterday, which you can see for yourself here. The iPhone 4S, iPod Nano and the iPod touch are all only minor upgrades to what we already have, but there are some key features to the 5th generation touch that could persuade you to get one, and the price is one of them.

You have to love how Apple tries to sell something, by saying that the new iPod touch takes “fun to the next level.” Well, if they mean that it now comes in white, then they need to look up what the word fun actually means? They try to sell us the idea that iOS 5 will greatly improve things, but the current model will also get this upgrade.

The differences with the new iPod touch are so small that they are hard to spot, as we said above, it’s all in the software. For those who currently have a 2010 touch, then we would say do not bother with the upgrade. However, if you have an older model or not one at all, then now is the best time to upgrade.

The reason we say this is because Apple has reduced the price on these; the 16GB will cost $199, 32GB $299 and the new 64GB version will set you back $399. You might wonder why you would want to buy the touch, when the iPhone 4S is not that much further out of reach? Well the new touch will make use of the message feature in iOS 5, so if you are within a wireless network, you can then speak to your friends or family, although they will need to have an iPhone running the new software as well.

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  • Rockypup

    1) There is NO 16GB iPod Touch 5.
    2) Really the only change from the 4G is that it comes in white unless the cameras are any better… And the iOS will be supported a year longer.

  • Sathj19

    does apple not know that ther are many free messaging apps already? and its not that hard to change your ipod to a white frame if your techincally sauvy. why the hell did they not just put 3g on it? is it contract problem maybe with phone companies or not wanting to take away from iphone sales but really so many lower income people would FLOCK to a 3g enabled ipod touch….use the wifi when able and buy 3g when you need it.

  • Tevans

    when is the new ipod touch 5g supposed to hit the stores in il

    • Ameetaqua

      IT is supposed to be released next wednesday