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iPhone 4S: Replay of Apple’s Let’s Talk iPhone event live stream

If for some reason you missed Apple’s ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event in which the company unveiled the iPhone 4S to the world, you’ll be pleased to hear that Apple has already uploaded an entire replay of their live video stream letting you watch everything again on their website.

We usually have to wait at least a few days for Apple to provide a replay feed from their event, but not this time. If you want to see Tim Cook and Co reveal the new products for the first time as CEO, then head to Apple’s website here to start the event playback.

You shouldn’t have any problems playing it if you’re using Mac OS X, but those of you who are on Windows and want to watch it will need to have QuickTime 7 installed on your computer first. Highlights of the event obviously include the iPhone 4S, but other areas of interest include the launch date and recap for iOS 5, the ability of the A5 processor and also the impressive looking voice controls using the new iPhone 4S personal assisant, Siri.

As we mentioned a few hours ago, the big date for the iPhone 4S launch is October 14th, which will happen in seven countries first, followed by a bigger rolllout in a further 22 countries on October 28. Pre-orders for the device will start on October 7th (this Friday), while the highly anticipated free update to iOS 5 will happen two days earlier than the iPhone 4S launch on October 12th.

Those are the key information from Apple’s Let’s Talk iPhone event, but we recommend checking out the whole thing again in the link above if you haven’t yet. After watching it, let us know your overall impressions from the event – are you satisfied with the announcements or not? From a personal point of view, it just didn’t feel right not seeing Mr Jobs there, so we’re hoping that he makes a special appearance for Apple’s next event.



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