BF3 beta – hot topics from user feedback

By Jamie Pert - Oct 5, 2011

Yesterday we told you how a retired SWAT member was less than complimentary about Battlefield 3’s flashlights, tactical lights and laser sights – this received massive feedback from our readers, so we thought we would do some research into other BF3 beta complaints which have been submitted to the BF3 forums.

The public beta testing has allowed the guys over at EA DICE to get lots of consumer feedback regarding bugs in the game and work on weapon balance etc, in that sense this beta has been a massive success as there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of suggestions which may improve the game submitted via the forums – today we will highlight some of the most-popular feedback which has been left.

Let’s start with bullet damage, lots of people think that bullet damage is too high, we don’t agree with this as in real life one or two bullets can easily take out a soldier, therefore frustrating as it can be we should not be able to sponge bullets. As pointed out over at the forums there do seem to be some over powered weapons, I have personally noticed that the UMP45 seems to be many people’s weapon of choice and it get’s kills more frequently than other guns, whilst if you check out the forums others complain that the M249 Saw is under powered – do you agree with any of this?

Lots of people have been asking for EA DICE to allow console gamers to play the Caspian Border map, however please stop asking this as developers are confident that testing on this map has been completed already.

A few relatively small things which people would like to see changed include the ability to see who was the best medic in a round, also people want in-game squad management and others want a bug which sees soldiers sink under map to be resolved (this can be seen below) – we are sure that this will be patched.

We won’t talk about snipe lens reflection too much, but this is something which people still think is way off, also there are plenty of complaints regarding flashlights – all in all you can see that the beta will have a positive effect on the quality of the title when it arrives late this month, let’s just hope devs have enough time to address all of the major issues which have been raised.

What other imperfection should be added to this article? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Masterpiece tca

    i agree wit Black_belt_14 …everybody just camps brcuz its to damn z to kill people

  • Black_belt_14

    I think you guys should have at least one mode where it is a little harder to kill people that so you could have the feel of bad company 2 as well for players who like that.  Its almost to realistic in a 64 person server people r just going to camp with the most powerful gun and everyone 

    • in the retail version there will be modes without vehicles,team death match,conquest,rush,squad rush, there will also be Hardcore and normal servers to play on.  People are complaining about a beta like its the final game….while useful feedback it might be, the format in which the feedback is in is inappropriate given that this game is in pre-release build….and the build used in beta is actually a old Alpha Build (Beta is not for game testing it is actually to beta test the servers (eg. stress test) and to beta test battlelog, being able to play the game in its early development form was merely a gift (even though it seems people just are not mature enough to understand that it is not the final product, and do not seem to know how to do there own research)

      • additional: the build used in the bf3 beta is 1+ month old…estimated to be about 1 month and 15 days old, just for anyone that is interested in that information –  source is dice

  • DragonSlayerMP

    This is going to be a great game. I have played BF games since 1942 and all the others since. If you guys want to complain about bugs, you should have seen the ones in 1942 and 2142…but they were not game killers and were patched until the next one was found. There will always be map glitches and as far as balance goes, well it is a beta after all and I did not really expect final product. As a former PC gamer I will miss the graphical wonder of this game, but it stills looks good on the xbox. I am sure we are looking at a day one patch…that’s just the way business is done nowadays. I like all the COD guys coming over to try it out…gives me more targets sprinting out in the open…but hopefully they can see BF is a different game type. I hope to see you guys on the battlefield.

  • Fishman

    I had an interesting idea for future versions, that a kit could include a shovel tool which lets you “dig in” to a position, like digging down into the earth. that way you can make an improvised foxhole or position to take shelter.  I think a more movable environment would be nice, the next step perhaps also the ability for the player to pick things up and move them, like parts of cars, boxes, etc. to use as shields and/or disguises to hide behind. I like the enemy identifier action that battlefield uses but i dont think enough people know it exists and how to use it.  Also sometimes you look and an enemy and press “back” instead of “fire” to show them on radar but it doesnt work, prbly just beta issue.  

  • Mike

    the free BF3 beta works almost flawlessly for me on xbox360.  It is amazing and really very fun. The gift of free beta play should be appreciated hands down. whats wrong with the hordes of imbeciles who judge things so much?  The developers of this game deserve an enormous amount of recognition for the accomplishments they achieved with this game.  This game should break the record for sales.  judging by the beta alone, it’s graphics and gameplay are incredibly beautiful.  The full game is going to be mind blowing.  People will always complain, the losers dont ever stop to think how good we all have it. How well we live in this country.   Anyone with any appreciation and understanding would do nothing but stand in awe of how far we have come in the last few years in this fps game industry.  judging on the beta alone, BF3 hits it out of the park and reinvents our standard for graphics and detail. Bravo!

    • Shadow Rogue

      thats what beta is for is for people to tell the company what is wrong with the game so they can correct it ….. otherwise they wouldnt call it beta, they would call it a demo ….

  • Kittle

    Please put in an in-game mute option!!!!!

  • Neil Gordon

    Now before I start my rant, I just want to stress that I WILL be buying BF3. However, there are a few points which I’m not happy about.
    Basic gameplay is fine, nothing wrong with the way the game plays. However, now that people can go prone there seems to be a lot of camping, especially with bipods. Also, you can’t really hear enemie’s gunshots when they start firing at you, meaning you only know you’re getting shot at when you’re dead. A few glitches like going under the map, not being able to look down the sight or sprint at times and sometimes the screen starts flashing yellow. Another glitch is where you can’t jump over the roadside barriers. Also, the knifing sometimes doesn’t work, sometimes your guy doesn’t do the special animation and just slashes ineffectivley, still getting a hit marker but doing little damage. I’ve got 2 hit markers on a guy with a knife and he’s only taken 30% damage??? The destruction is also a bit strange, fire a rocket at a wall and the door in the middle of the wall survives??? Also, sometimes your character refuses to set up his bipod when prone, maybe you could use the D-pad for bipod deployment?
    The biggest problem I have with the beta is the voiceovers. I loved the voiceovers on BC2 e.g. when you armed an M-COM or when you were taking fire from a sniper, as they made you feel like you were actually in a warzone. In the beta, the voiceovers sounded forced and there was no emphasis, the guy doing the talking sounded like he was 100 miles away from the fight sipping tea and couldn’t care what was going on. I also liked it in Vietnam when you got told why you are fighting where you are before the match starts. This helped add character to the map. Also, what happened to the victory/defeat clips at the end of a match? The current ‘your team won/lost’ is REALLY anticlimatic and makes me wonder why I bothered fighting. I would love to see tanks rolling down the streets of Paris while F-16’s fly past the Eiffel Tower.

  • Gutsy248

    Ive seen complaints about the flight mechanics of the choppers and jets (i haven’t had chance to try yet) they really need to be more like bf2  if they are anything like bc2 the game will only keep people playing for a few months

  • Gk2011

    Does walking around a corner and placing 4 bullets from my hand gun in a guys head and not killing them count as a bug?

    • colemanmc

      its too likely to be a latency issue 

  • Cookie

    I totally agree with the comments where people can read “The Battlefield 3 Open Beta is based on software that is more than one month old,” the BETA is the earliest build version, again for clarity, “…more than one month old”. so polished and complete will be the obvious end result. Why does everyone start 
    by saying “i know its a BETA and glitchy but…” then go on on to contradict themselves! Hilarious. Most of the bugs everyone is complaining about have more than likely been ironed out months ago to just test structural server testing. Final game will be a masterpiece, the end lol

  • John Wilson

    Very good Game.  I like BF3 and aside from the obvious glitches and things that need patching, I would change very little.  I would like to see the M249 a tad more powerful, it is a LMG after all.  As for comparing BF3 to MW#, that should not be done.  This is a different game and should be played differently.  I you had two games that played just alike, where would the fun come in?   Once you play BF3 for a while and get used to the little “markers” over good and bad guys and the way the game feels, then it plays just fine.  Also, note that I used the first rocket launcher on BF3 and from a window shot two guys withing 5 feet of them with three rounds, reloading from ammo box, and aside from minor dmg, NOTHING!  Hope that gets fixed, but love the game so far.

  • Corin Preston

    Damage model has been admitted to have bugs in it by Dice, makes judging this aspect redundant until release.

    The map hole bugs have to be patched, a game released with this would be broken and unplayable. 

    MCOM A is an area needed to currently be avoided, you couldn’t have that in the retail release.

  • Dynasty2021

    UMP-45 is not overpowered for me.  Try winning in close quarters.  Haha.  The rate of fire is simply too low.  And it is basically like the SCAR, so I use that instead.

    Bullet damage is fine.  try playing Bad Company 2 on hardcore, THAT is high damage.  4-5 shots in normal, 1-2 in hardcore with no hud or map or ”tagging”.  I hope they have a HC mode added, kind of liked that vulnerability as it works both ways.

    M249 SAW was underpowered in Bad COmpany 2, so it’s fine here, as the rate of fire is so much higher.  High rate of fire = low damage per shot, compensated by the amount of shots unleashed.  PP2000 is the perfect example of this.  M249 SAW is next.  Or the MG3 in Bad COmpany 2.

    Squad management in-game is confirmed by DICE, so stop writing about it surely?

    The map glitch for me, on the PC, only happens on laggy servers.  And is almost entirely happening around the first A mcom only.  That is the biggest glitch in the beta for almost everyone and is resolved anyway, but still exists in the beta, but who cares about that, its a beta.

    Sniper lens glint is fine, as it is hardly noticeable ON BIGGER MAPS.  For god sake, Metro is small, you’re close together so the glint is bigger.  I played Caspian, its not the game’s biggest map, and hardly noticed the glint.  Plus, nice to see snipers being punished at last for doing bug-all on the other side of the map while Im getting stuck in with the engineer’s CQC weapons.

    Flash lights are fine really.  If you’re dumb enough to run around with them on, thats your problem.  Easy kills for the rest of us.  They cant reduce the effect of the lights up-close, otherwise whats the point in having them?  I swear some people take being killed so personal and blame the game mechanics.  You were camping.  I ran in and shinned a beam in your face.  You died because you couldnt see me.  Punishment for camping.  Karma.


    THe beta is old code!!!

    The changes they are making are on the latest code we havent see yet, the code they have on their own servers and PCs and are working on.  The retail code as it were.

    Plus, guarantee a day-one patch as usual. 

    • Shadow Rogue

      only complaint I have with flash lights are that when you spawn they should be off , you should have to turn them on yourself, other than that flashlights are perfect as far as I am concerned 😀

  • Bigboy8420

    They should make it Easyer to recognize who’s on your team and who’s the enemy it’s hard to tell like cod where it’s red snd green easy enough not light blue and invisible bf3 needs some fixing but I really hope the game is better I’ve played all bf games snd hope this one isn’t a disappointment

    • fanboy h8er

      of course, the big blue(GREEN for ur sqd) triangle and gtag aren’t enough

      you F***ING T**T

  • Stef Man

    Is this bullet damage bit from Dice them self’s? If not then probably not true?

  • Shadychapman

    Yeah I think they have. I found a few other spots like that including one where i was inside a wall. I call E.A. and told them where they were and the next day they were fixed.