Battlefield 3 beta is old code, PS3 and Xbox 360 tweaks promised

By Alan Ng - Oct 5, 2011

If you have been keeping up to date with the latest developments surrounding Battlefield 3, you’ll know that there has been a overwhelming response to the recent multiplayer beta that released for the game last week, some of it good, but a lot of it bad as well.

If you have played the PC version of the game, you are less likely to have any concerns over the game, but those of you who played either the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the beta, may feel like DICE has some serious improving to do before the full game is out on October 25th, with the graphics quality in particular taking a pounding.

Naturally, DICE is paying attention to all the feedback from the beta, both good and bad and you’ll be interested to hear that DICE General Manager Karl Magnus Troedsson has posted an update on the official Battlefield blog, stating that the beta is actually based on earlier game code.

Here is a portion of his message to give you a better idea:

”The Battlefield 3 Open Beta is based on software that is more than one month old. Just like normal procedure when releasing a game, the Open Beta has had long lead times due to testing, certification, and setting up. This means that the code you are now playing is actually quite early and not representative of the final game.”

So for those of you who are currently tearing your hair out over poor graphics featured in the console beta – relax, things are probably going to improve a lot before the final game is out. From our point of view, it is certainly eyebrow raising to see the difference of quality between console and PC, but overall you have to say that DICE has still done a pretty amazing job overall, and the beta plays really smooth on console with maximum players on the servers at once.

Do you have any criticism on the Battlefield 3 beta, or do you think it plays just fine? Has the whole graphics quality debate been blown out of proportion perhaps? See you all on the Battlefield, October 25th!

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  • paul

    I have been looking forward to this game for a while as I was a fan of BC2,  I had played COD for many years but have become sick of hackers destroying game play.  Unfortunately the beta, for me, was very disappointing, lag issues combined with graphics, fit for the original xbox, has seriously got me considering cancelling my pre order.  On the other hand game play was enjoyable, (except for the somewhat obligatory kill from the guy hiding in a bush), how ever if DICE could polish the graphics to the xbox best abilities and adjust server issues this may be a great title.  What concerns me the most though with only a short while until release, the game feels unfinished and rushed to compete with COD.  I’m sure PC fans will be delighted but us console gamers may have to pass this one by.

  • phillz91

    The graphics debate is utter stupidity, anyone with any understanding of tech should be able to see why the consoles 5 year old hardware can’t keep up, it’s common sence really 5 years of improvement is generally alot. What myself and alot of other people are dissapointed about are the servers. I can tell you that for me the game most definantly doesn’t run smoothly. I live in Australia and most servers are so laggy I run 5 metres and get rubber banded back to where I started. If I’m lucky to find a working server it’s absolutely horrid lag where I die 2 seconds after ducking behid cover and has a tendancy to drop out or I lose connection to EA. BC2 had the exact same problems, as did MOH and alot of non US gamers are losing their patience with the total lack of support.I read that MOH had dedicated servers in Aus, but after playing for a month I never hit one, always US servers, same goes for BC2. What’s worse is I see yanks coplaining about similar lag issues, albeit on a smaller scale so you can imagine how bad it is over here. Oh and a totally useless squad join system doesn’t help much, I play with my mate alot and we are lucky to both get into same game, most of the time on different sides let alone the same squad and then it rarely lets us join the same squad. I realise the squad mechanic is beta but the joining problems are a server issue.

  • Ashley

    I got a PC cost I knew the console versions would never be as good…

  • No, I will not criticize Dice for the errors and bugs in the beta because it is what it is – a beta.

    I think some players have misunderstood the whole thing. It seems that many believe that what we are playing now is the final game. But it is not (thanks for confirming this in your post, Alan).

    Beta versions, whether it are games or other software products, will almost always have errors. Beta tests are used for finding as many of those errors as possible and eliminate them.

    Dice and EA are also using the beta period to stress test all systems – BEFORE the game is on sale. This makes sense. There are other publishers who seemingly use the first days and weeks AFTER a release to fix errors …

    Many developers conduct closed beta tests. Dice has done the opposite and has opened the beta for anyone who wants to participate. I’m not sure if they will do it again the next time they release a game because of the somewhat unbalanced criticism BF3 Beta has received …

  • Castillo

    An issue that i have with Battlefield 3 beta is that i get disconnected from the EA servers really often, and idk why, i use wireless but i can play any other game without having the same problem.