RAGE: Game weapons, maps and walkthrough in new book

With RAGE now available in the U.S. you will want to know if the game is worth the purchase, and how hard it is to play. Well we have a review roundup for you, which confused us a little, as there are mixed results. Having said that, overall the game is pretty good, but as with all games you need some guidance. There is a new book that accompanies the game and the whole idea is to learn more about the weapons, maps and also a walkthrough guide.

RAGE Prima Official Game Guide was written by David Knight and will be like a bible for those who wish to fully immerse themselves in the game. This is not a stab in the dark guide, the author worked with id Software so that gamers are not walking around endlessly, clueless of what to do. With so much to do in the game it can all get overwhelming, which is why the developer felt that a guide was the way to go.

The book focuses on key elements of RAGE, such as a detailed walkthrough from the start, maps of the wasteland, learning friend from foe, vehicle and strategy stats, as well as customization tips for every weapon in the game. There are three modes for the game, single-player, two-person co-op and multiplayer, this guide has them all covered.

There are two types of gamers, those who just want to complete the missions as fast as possible, and those that want to explore a game in its entirety. Thankfully this book will help if you are the latter, as you will get to learn every last side quest, mini game etc. It does not matter how good you think you are in a game, if you ever hope to get your money’s worth from the game, then you really should invest in this guide, which can be purchased here.



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