PS4 and Xbox 720: Backwards compatibility, disc vs digital

Sony shocked us all yesterday when they announced that the PS3 would now be backwards compatible. However, the PS2 games will not be in a physical format, but via PSN. This now leads us into something very interesting wondering if the PS4 and Xbox 720 should support backward compatibility, and if it should be disc or digital?

With hundreds of titles available for PlayStation 3 and the 360, it would anger owners of each console to know that they cannot play their entire library of games on the next-generation consoles. The other issue will come with the games themselves, as they will not look the same when played on a new console.

The reason for this is due to the fact that Sony and Microsoft might not remaster the game, but just offer smoothing here and there, that’s saying if they do it at all. There are pros and cons here, but we cannot help but feel that the true tech fan will not want to play an old game on a new console, as they will not get to experience how a game is meant to look.

Let’s say for argument sake that the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 720 will be backwards compatible, then it is almost certain that this will be done via PSN and Xbox Live, as the future has to be digital, you only have to look at what Apple is doing with iTunes and the OnLive game system. That system does not offer the best graphics, but they are better than the PS2 ever was.



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