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Pre-Apple announcement: New Sprint iPhone 5 specs offer battery life hints

Earlier on we brought you the amazing rumors claiming that Sprint has secured an exclusive deal with Apple which will see the incoming iPhone 5 on Sprint only, with a release on AT&T and Verizon not happening until early 2012.

Now we have more information to bring you, and it regards the hardware specs that will be included on this Sprint iPhone. We told you earlier that the Sprint iPhone may be a WiMAX 4G device, but details published by BGR has revealed a lot more.

According to their report, the iPhone 5 will feature a dual-core A5 processor, but it will have a much faster CPU than the A5 processor due to be included in the iPhone 4S – another device rumored to be unveiled at Apple’s event later on today. Other specs apparently locked down include a larger 4-inch screen with a higher resolution, 1GB of RAM and wait for it, a healthy 32GB of storage.

Here’s the interesting part though, as the report also drops a few clues as to the new design of the iPhone 5. Based on their sources, the device will be slightly larger than the iPhone 4, but it will be thinner and include a larger battery – which we’re guessing will offer extended battery life compared to that seen in the iPhone 4.

Obviously, these details should be taken with a huge pinch of salt just like any other Apple rumor, but considering we are just hours away from the event, it’s our duty to inform you of last minute shocks, and if the iPhone 5 does turn out to be slightly bigger than the iPhone 4, then that is quite a talking point as many of you hoped that the new design would be smaller in size.

What are your thoughts on these apparent ‘locked down’ specs for the iPhone 5? Would you be willing to compromise with a larger design in exchange for longer battery life?



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