Official iPhone 4S specs, is design a disappointment?

By Peter Chubb - Oct 4, 2011

Well that’s that for another year, and all the rumors of an iPhone 5 have all turned out to be wrong. The reason we say this is because Apple has just announced the iPhone 4S, and it looks just the same as the current version on the outside. However, never judge a book by its cover, because lurking inside is a beast waiting to attack whatever you throw at it.

We are very impressed with the specs, but we cannot help but feel some disappointment that we did not get a new design. Okay, I do love the design, but do not like the idea of something thinking that it is not the latest and greatest iPhone – sorry, but all phone lovers will feel the same.

Anyway, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and boy you will not be disappointed. First up is the worst kept secret, and that is the A5 processor will now be running the show, this will work in conjunction with a new GPU that is 7x faster than the one used in the iPhone 4. Let’s not get into that small 3.5-inch Retina screen, we should skip right to the dual antennas (more details in another post).

Next up we have the camera, this has now been upgraded to 8-megapixel, but its not all about that, the lens plays a major factor to. All areas of the camera has seen an upgrade, so now you will have much better shots, this is all thanks to a new 5-element assembly, backside illuminated CMOS sensor, and also 1080P video recording.

Two other features that need a mention are Siri voice control and also iCloud, which will make the iPhone 4S a more complete handset. Image thanks to Engadget. More details can be found on Apple.

Share with us your views on the new specs and also the same outer design.

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  • Luis Hernandez

    I wasn’t impressed at all I dont care of the design but it shoould be up to date with android It need to have 4g capabilities LTE. I dont know why they took so long to release it if all they added was a couple of upgrades. So i guess i’m going android with the Nexus Prime.

  • Gnkossi

    As a iPhone 4 owner,i feel very disappointed that there won’t be an iPhone 5 anstimme soon..
    i don’t c any reason to Upgrade to 4S,but i. am really looking forward
    to IOS 5,all those new Features are much needed…

    • Klarno

       Aren’t you on a 2 year service agreement? If so, why are you looking to upgrade after one year?