Nexus Prime with Google Chrome, Apple’s worst nightmare?

By Alan Ng - Oct 4, 2011

If you could put yourself in an Apple exec’s shoes right now, you would probably be feeling very confident right now due to the imminent iPhone 5 announcement which as usual, has sent the majority of smartphone owners into anticipation overdrive on what the company will announce.

On the other hand, you can also agree that Apple will be keeping a very close eye on Samsung and Google’s upcoming Mobile Unpacked event, in which both juggernauts are expected to unveil the next big Android offering, the Nexus Prime – an obvious and perhaps the toughest competitor that Apple will face thus far with regards to their iPhone.

The iPhone 5 will of course have a huge following, but considering the Nexus Prime will be the first handset to run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and may be faster than the iPhone 5 in terms of overall speed if it comes with a 1.5Ghz dual-core chip compared to Apple’s A5 processor as seen on the iPad 2.

One factor which hasn’t been discussed in detail yet though, may end up to be Google’s secret weapon, and one which may result in a flock of sales for the company. That factor is Google Chrome, as the latest rumors are suggesting that Chrome is finally coming to Android, and what better way for Google to pump up the Nexus Prime’s ego even further with an announcement on October 11th that the Nexus Prime will be the first handset in the world to run Ice Cream Sandwich and Chrome.

Many Apple fans will agree that Google’s Chrome browser is easily one of the best browsers around, with some even picking it ahead of the likes of Firefox and Safari. If Google manage to push out Chrome for the Nexus Prime, then we have a feeling that Apple may start to take Google and the Nexus Prime a lot more seriously than before.

If you are considering either the Nexus Prime or iPhone 5, let us know how significant a Chrome release for Android would be – Should Apple be worried about this or not?

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  • Michael Keplinger

    I think that these tech blogs have a way of over looking the importance of form factor.  The tech specs and even unique apps are very important, but form factor is very important to me.  The HTC Thunderbolt didn’t have a chance last year for me because it is a big beast

  • RnDD

    Still not sure if to stay with iPhones or a get Nexus Prime. 

    I currently have an IPhone and really like it (though I have it Jail broken to add those tasks that are still not present). Google chrome on the Nexus Prime would make a difference to me (its my browser of choice). The main reason for a change is that I want to give android OS a shot and as I’m currently learning Java it would be a nice way to improve and learn more.

    • HARLAN P

      Java is a big part of android app-making. If you like it then an Android will be a great phone plus a neat toy and educational tool. right now i’m in a class for making apps (for android the 1st 8 weeks and ios the last 8 weeks) and its really fun and interesting.

      I’ll be getting this phone or the Samsung Note depending on whats available when i can upgrade.

  • Anonymous

    That would be awesome! I plan to get the Nexus prime anyways, whether it has a chrome browser or now. From the rumors swirling around it’s easily by far the most advanced phone on the planet (let’s hope these rumors are true.)

  • DanSan

    I’m going to name mine ‘Optimus’

  • Michel Realty

    Having a fully operating browser on any smart phone is a must for me. I am tired if the watered down “mobile” sites that sites push you to if they detect a mobile browser.