iPhone 4S release and pre-order date in UK

By Peter Chubb - Oct 4, 2011

We already know what specs the iPhone 4S will have, and that it will utilize Airplay Mirroring, but what we really want to know is, when is the release and pre-order date in the UK? Well we not only have that information for you, but we also have price details for the 4S in blighty as well. They are pretty much the same as the current models with one exception.

The release date is October 14, 2011, which is a Friday, but you will be able to pre-order one-week later on the 7th. While doing some digging on Apple’s UK website, we have learned that prices will start at £499 for the 16GB version. We expect the price to go up in £100 increments, so the 32GB will be £599 and the 64GB – you read right – should be £699, but this could change by a few pounds in your favor.

Apple will still stock the iPhone 3GS 8GB in black, and will come without a SIM, the price for this is just £319. For an extra £110 you can get yourself an 8GB iPhone 4, this will come in black or white. There was no mention of a cheaper model, so these that we mentioned above will serve as Apple’s entry into the more affordable market. Not sure £319 and £429 are considered affordable?

We have to remind you that the 3GS version is shipping now and you will need to update to iOS 5 once it is released on October 12th. However, the smaller storage version of the fourth-generation model will become available two days after the iOS update; so will come with it already installed. For full details on this visit Apple UK.

Do you think that Apple could have reduced the price of the new iPhone 4S?

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  • Nsnarayan10

    well regarding the price its very hard to see and i was startled the moment i saw the price mentioned by PR.we will have to wait and see very soon we will get the prices reduced.They didnt release iphone 5 bcz if they had then 4s would not have seen good sales figure,i had intuitions and my intuitions turned right.