Epic fail for Battlefield 3 Beta, tricked by EA/DICE

By Peter Chubb - Oct 4, 2011

Battlefield 3 Beta has come under a huge amount of criticism since it was launched last week, and they just keep coming in. Earlier today we heard from an ex SWAT member who was unhappy with some of the features, more so to do with tactical and laser lights. The latest issue with the game comes from an everyday gamer, saying that BF3 Beta is an epic fail, as EA and DICE has tricked us.

According to Sarcastic Gamer, the developer and publisher have released a game that is like human waste and then said to us that they can clean it up. That’s pretty strong because how can it be that bad? We have to wonder why the beta was rushed, even spending just a few more weeks on the game would have helped, but maybe all they want is to gauge a reaction from gamers?

There is not long to go before the full version of the game is launched, so all involved has to be working frantically to rectify all the issues that have been found so far. It’s no secret that the build was rushed out, and that it was done just to see if the servers could cope, but talk about playing fans of Battlefield 3 for fools, as they were looking forward to playing a half-decent game – something that the did not get.

Modern Warfare supporters will be laughing about now, saying what a failure BF3 beta has been, but the opposition will come back and say that it is just a beta after all. We should not come down too hard on DICE or EA, as this build is over a month old, and we still have just under a month before release, so that would mean that the final version would have had around another two months worth of work.

What has confused many gamers is the fact that there were no negative reviews before the beta version was released; Sarcastic Gamer (not PR News) has a theory that the press was paid off in some way. Now that is a huge claim, one that we wouldn’t like to comment on.

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  • As a Black Ops fan, i have really enjoyed the BF3 Beta. As long as the bugs are ironed out before release i will be buying it.

  • Jayeubanks26

    Well why doesn’t MW3 release a beta? Its because people will find out it is Money Waisted 3rd time

  • Wow anyone disappointed in the beta if a FOOL. Yeah it’s glitchy as hell, but that’s intentional. They use old versions of the code on purpose here. This has been seen in past Battlefield games. crarppy beta then its all magically fixed in the final version. If anyone actually thinks that 1 month out of the game release that they are just now “finding” all of these ground glitches and such, then you are crazy. they’ve known about and probably already fixed most of them. Beta is for stress testing the servers and nothing else. If you don’;t like it go get blow up by RC cars and Dogs in MW cause we dont want you on battlefield!

  • Krl266

     Im sorry ,but my friends and i could make a clearer game. Battlefield bad co2 looks more realistic. 1 If i wanted to play medal of honor ill play that instead.2 Wheres at least 1 tank or something?3 the laser sights and flashlights are broken.4 its extremely hard and complicated to play with friends.5 Why does the medic throw ammo and the assault throw a med pack? 6 overall rating on in my opinion 2 out of 10 and i have played a lot of games at almost 20,000 gamerscore. Your beta has me thinking on weather or not im even going with your battlefield3 or Modern Warfare3.

    • Tokyokid

      Didn’t you know that DICE made medal of honor’s multiplayer?  I am actually happy about that because I really liked MoH’S MP.

      There is no medic now.  It has been eliminated.

    • Guest91080

      U throw no really strong points out there. Medics never carry LMGs, only support does, who carrys ammo. The game is very different. Go play COD then, its your opinion what you think is better, ether way your going to get battlefield 3 before its over with.

       Its a BETA, its like YOUR expecting to test drive a car for 10 mins, and think you no exactly whats gonna happen 100000 miles down the road. 

  • Pie

    lol an ex SWAT member who didnt even freaking know the controls! Come back when you know a) the controls and b) the BETA, not a demo, is 1 month old software. Sarcastic Gamer is no one in this industry.

  • What is this article talking about?  It mentions fails and embarrassment, but does not actually state a single specific one.  Professional trolls I see.