Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Achievements reward escaped convicts

We recently informed you about some of the perks and skills that you can unlock during your Elder Scrolls V Skyrim adventure depending on which race you choose. Now we have exciting information for those who are eager to find out which achievements will be unlockable in the game.

Skyrim doesn’t release until November 11 of course, but that hasn’t stopped what looks to be a complete list of Xbox 360 achievements from finding their way onto the internet and visible over at the Xbox360acheivements site.

Of course the following information can be considered spoilers, so if you want to find all the unlocks in the game yourself, look away now. With that said and done, we can tell you that the maxiumum score available to your gamerscore total is 50 points, which you can achieve by simply reaching level 50 in the game and will bestow upon you the title of ‘Master’.

Another interesting achievement we’ve found is that Bethesda will also reward you if you manage to escape from jail. Titled ‘Wanted’, you’ll get 10 points for managing to sneak out of prison without anyone knowing. [Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home as rather than receive 10 points to your ego, you’ll probably end up with another 10 years]

Further unlocks include 10 points for joining the Dark Brotherhood, 10 points for getting married (a new addition to Skyrim), 20 points for absoring 20 dragon souls and 40 points for clearing 50 dungeons. If you are interested in seeing the full list, ahead to this link for the whole lot.

After you can scrolled down the list, let us know what you think of the unlocks. In continuing with Bethesda’s light-hearted approach to criminal activity, are you disappointed to hear that you don’t get any achievements for stealing? As always, we’ll keep you updated with all the latest news regarding Skyrim in the build up to release, so stay tuned for more as we get it.



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