Apple Store down today October 4, 2011

The Apple Store has just gone down today October 4, 2011 and had only happened in the last few minutes. We’ve been looking at Apple’s online store over the last 2 hours to see if Apple would take it down ready for some new products, which doesn’t always happen before keynotes.

Why else would the Apple Store go down other than to bring out a new product or service at the Apple press conference? We now expect something new to be revealed and possibly even sold right after the event, and our bets are on a new iPhone 4S and maybe even an iPod touch 5G.

Share your wishes in the comments, which could very well come true now that we got the traditional store by county page with phone numbers. Let us know what you want to appear in the next couple of hours. You may also want to keep up with the news as it breaks via out Facebook page, or choose a live blog via our earlier post.



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