Time for iOS 5 update before iPhone 5 purchase

By Jamie Pert - Oct 3, 2011

Tomorrow we will finally get to see what Apple’s next-gen smartphone will look like and what technical specs we will have at our disposal, however the most important thing is the device’s operating system, iOS 5.

It is very likely that Apple will roll out a new major software version shortly after the press event – this will give consumers a taste of the future without buying a new device, but could it backfire? We doubt it very much, but with the added pressure of Android Ice Cream Sandwich and WP7 Mango this could be one of the most important OS builds Apple has ever had to roll out.

In an ideal world iOS 5 will hit iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch smoothly without any major issues, however don’t be too surprised if this iOS release has been “optimized” for the 5th-gen iPhone – which many think will boast lots more RAM and HSPA+ connectivity – if this is the case it suggests that iOS 5 can be much more demanding in terms of its multi-tasking capabilities and mobile data usage.

There is a chance that people who own the iPhone 4 may in fact find that iOS 5 breaths more life into an ageing device, which may nullify the buzz surrounding the iPhone 4S / iPhone 5. Previously we suggested that this month’s iPhone release will only be a minor upgrade of internals, rather than a newly designed smartphone, so the question is: Will you install iOS 5 on your iPhone and then decide whether to buy the next-gen model? Or will you buy it regardless as soon as it has been released?

We received some feedback on the matter and obviously some people suggested that they would buy the next-gen iPhone on its release date no-matter what we see revealed tomorrow, however others suggest that they will install iOS 5 on their existing device and wait for inevitable “teething problems” to be resolved, some people also said that the jailbreaking scene will be a big factor on the decision.

We would love to hear more feedback from you on the matter, therefore feel free to tell us what you’re going to do in the comments section below.

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  • virt hdd

    iOS 5 nice update – has Apple’s servers working too hard though.

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  • I’m just going to install it right away.  I just got the iPhone 4 last Christmas, and ever since iOS 5 has been in beta, I’ve just been waiting for it to come out!  

  • Laron_et

    I’m gonna just take iOS 5 and run with it…. My iPhone 4 is still in good shape… Got the white one as soon as it released…. So that’s it for me… iPhone5 will gave to wait till I get bored with this 1!!!!

  • Viclodge2

    ive been reading a lot lateley about what  is been released or should i say what people think is been released is it the firmware ios 5 or is it a iphone 5 or even an iphone 4s the truth is no one knows its all just speculation come on peeps lets just wait a few more hours untill something has been released before deciding that this new iphone will be a super duper tele transporter from the future i must admit i have had a few laughs at some of the suggestions that people have come out with please lets just wait and see