Skyrim: Unlockable skills and perks, partial list revealed

By Alan Ng - Oct 3, 2011

Last week we brought you an exciting list of features which revealed some of the race bonuses you’ll get in upcoming RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and now we have yet more juicy gossip for you pre-release. Another list has been revealed, this time showing some of the perk bonuses you’ll receive as part of Bethesda’s new perk tree feature in the game.

We told you last time about the type of instant race awards that players will get if you chose to undertake your Skyrim adventure as a Wood Elf for example, giving you bonuses such as being able to command animals, 10% added to a critical hit chance with bow attacks and much more.

Now we’ve heard a few more details on the perks side of things, and the rewards you’ll get for unlocking these on the perk tree. For example, such Restoration perks will include skills like being able to execute healing magic with 50% more effectiveness, while you can also unlock a perk under Restoration which will allow players to regenerate Magicka 25% more faster than usual.

We have already given you a few hints on some of the sneak perks available in the game, but the new information provided at the Bethesda Forums reveal that the last Sneak perk that you can unlock is a 15x damage increase for Sneak attacks performed with a dagger. Just like Oblivion, you’ll get a 6x damage increase for damage dealt with a one-handed weapon such as a sword, providing you’re in Sneak mode.

For those of you that are keen on making poisons as an Alchemist, you’ll be pleased to know that there will be a perk unlock for this class which will make poisons 25% more effective, with another skill allowing for double the usual poison damage – this one in particular sounds pretty good.

If you’re interested in hearing more, check out the link to the forums above. Which perks are you going to focus on upgrading in the game? Are you more a sneak or mage type of player?

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    I’m more of a filthy archer… bow + poison whilst as far away from the opponent as possible. If the enemy comes..RUN + repeat… pure filth.

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