Skyrim is top RPG, surprised with news?

By Peter Chubb - Oct 4, 2011

Our very own Alan Ng was shocked when he learned that Skyrim was way down in the list for games that players wanted to play during Christmas. I was also shocked at the result; so felt that this needed to be addressed further. However, in a separate poll to the one run by Nielsen, PXSE has said that Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the top RPG, so how surprised are you at these two conflicting reports?

There are some great RPG’s coming to market, such as Dark Souls and RAGE, which is still awaiting a full review. To the hardcore gamer it comes as no shock that Skyrim came out on top, as there is a huge amount of depth to the game, such as how you are able to customize a character and then advance in the game.

What makes the game so special is how it will draw you in, so one moment you have got home from work and before you know it, it’s early hours of the morning. If you love your polls, then how about knowing which platform Skyrim will be played on the most? We are still waiting for the results on this from The Skyrim Blog; so keep visiting their site to view the results once they post them.

Skyrim was said to be getting the voice talents of Sean Bean, who starred in Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and also those O2 UK commercials. However, this was since found out to be just another hoax. We kind of hoped that this rumor turned out to be true, as Bean would have brought something extra to the game. For more details on unlockable skills and perks keep reading in our previous post here.

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  • spaztic assassin on YouTube

    I thought I heard Sean bean in oblivion. Didn’t know for sure tho.

    • Johnwntn1

      yes he is the voice actor for Martin Septim and Patrick Stewart is the voice actor for the emperor.

  • Dairry Dashington

    I think the reason why people will not be buying the game as much for christmas is because everyone wants it when it releases!!!

  • S Kelsey47

    Sean Bean was in Oblivion he would not be in Skyrim as well – and I would not list skyrim as a top xmass game either its out in November many many fans will have bought before x mass