Significant Nexus Prime specs: Your deal breaker

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 3, 2011

One week this Tuesday we’re likely to see the Nexus Prime revealed officially at Mobile Unpacked, and the specs will either gratify or bring sadness to those of you awaiting more confirmation. Rumors have been pretty weak other than the odd leaked screen and rumored apps for the installed software.

This article has taken a look at the connections between Nexus Prime, Android 4.0, and the Google browser “Chrome”. We don’t agree with all their points, especially when it comes to the possibility that the Prime will not have a HD screen, and when we see other phones like the HTC Vigor getting HD screen confirmation. Add that to one developer already getting a quick hands-on with the device, and stating it had a HD display, although just a rumor it is pretty obvious they’re wrong there.

The Nexus Prime will also make the biggest competitor to Apple’s new iPhone 5, although some of our readers will see the Prime as a better handset from the rumored specs for far.

The Nexus Prime deal breaker – We want to know what your most significant Nexus Prime specs are, the ones that will make it a deal breaker, meaning without them you’ll choose something else. We’ve already heard that a high definition screen is essential to some people, including us, but what else do you need the Nexus Prime to have for it to be in the running for your money? Another feature we’d like to see is a micro SD card slot or at least large storage. Hit the comments and let us know.

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  • Angel Romero

    idk if i wud buy it if it doesnt have a micro sd card slot cuz i dnt really trust all my music n pikz on the phone itself…what if the phone crashes or u have to reset it for sum reason…there goes all the pik, vidz etc with it…

  • Robert Ambrose

    Disregard that, I herp derps.

  • ChristianWestonChandlerSONICHU

    What about my SONICHU edition?!?!?!? I will wait until NINTENDO releases TRUE AND HONEST information not SLANDEROUS RUMORS spread by CLYDE CASH and the TROLLS.

  • Robert Ambrose

    VANILLA Ice Cream Sandwich…. no mods Verizon, Keep your greedy hands out of my OS!
    HD screen
    Micro SD
    Removable battery
    Easy root access/bootloader access
    Dual core 1Ghz + or single core 1.5Ghz +
    Global would be grand
    Decent low light camera

    • Torinth

      Never read about non-removable battery. Are there any rumours in that direction?

  • NexusOptimusPrime

    Verizon Model Deal Breakers:
    No LTE support
    No Accessible battery
    No MicroSD support
    Anything other than Stock Android (a true Nexus should be safe)

    Things like Micro HDMI and the HD screen would be nice but are not required

  • Anonymous

    Verizon wireless model
    Deal breakers:
    -no HD screen
    -no NFC
    -non acessable battery
    -no micro SD

    Make me stop and ponder the purchase:
    -No micro HDMI (not to fond of the MH.. connector)(I like universal standards)
    -camera performance
    -lower than 1.5Ghz processor
    -non OMAP processor (primarily because OMAP is HD Netflix certified)

  • Maxrep3

    If I can’t access apples apparently store…. deal breaker… lol kiding. No LTE antenna for Sprints future network who wants Wimax for 2years blah…

  • Cuong

    On Verizon with GSM for world phone capability