Rage: Xbox 360 vs. PS3, review compares screens

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 4, 2011

Earlier today we showed you a video that saw an interview with Tim Willits at an event in London; the topic up for discussion was Rage and the expectations of reviews that are about to hit the web. Our expectations are high considering what we’ve heard so far, including good graphics in a large open world with vehicles, although the 20 hours of gameplay may be a little short. Most of the feedback we’ve had from the previews seen so far point to gamers expecting really high scores for Rage.

Following on from this article we wanted to show you a quick Rage review that compares the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, which is done by showing you HD screenshots in an interactive way. You can see screens in the double figures via this article here on Lens of Truth, and by sliding the mouse over the images you get to see differences between PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

We should see the full detailed Rage reviews hitting tomorrow because this is the U.S. release date, although Europe is expected to get the game 3 days later. There will also be an Apple iOS version of the game, but this will not use the new id Tech 5 game engine technology as in the PS3 and Xbox 360 games.

You’ll not find a much better screenshot comparison than found on Lens of Truth, these guys really give you a sleek interface to use with clear images. So with that in mind, which version do you think looks better, Xbox 360 or PS3?

Update: One of the first detailed Rage reviews has just gone live on Game Reactor.

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  • Studley Riprap

    God damn you guys are boring.  PC rules, Consoles Rule.  How ’bout this?  Shut the hell up.

  • Exkal1bur3

    PC graphics are better but thats it. PC sucks in every other aspect. The constant upgrades needed to get good graphics. No unified interface like XBL. Patches get downloaded from 3rd party sites and mirrors. Punkbuster. Mandatory install on all games. The list goes on and on. 

    • Virjenx3

      You’ve apparently never heard of steam.

    • Jboy77

      Yeah Steam makes it so much easier. I mean are you even in the 21st century of PC gaming?

  • Asdf

    If anyone actually cares about graphics, the fact that 6 pixels look better on the PS3 is irrelevant when you can get it on the PC and play a completely different game. Comparing a game on the 360/PS3 and the same game on the PC is like comparing the graphics of the N64 and the 360.