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Media outlets on Apple’s iPhone announcement

We all have our own ideas as to Apple’s iPhone announcement, but we can assume all we want, the truth will only come out during tomorrows keynote. For the most part the majority of media outlets agree with what they believe the outcome will be, but there are those that conflict with each, and it is those articles that we find interesting. We hope that some of these predictions will come true, but we would not hold our breath?

Chicago Sun Times is not only predicting a new iPhone, but also one or two other products as well. They expect the design to not be that different to the current iPhone 4, but it will feature a few hardware upgrades. The iPhone 5 will be saved for Apple’s first full 4G smartphone next year, so maybe recent rumors of a 4S are true after all?

Fox News has also bought into the whole iPhone 4S, because Apple has done the same in the past. They also agree with what others are saying, which if true is a bit of a letdown – waiting a year and a half for a minor update. There could also be another Apple TV update, although it is hard to see how they can talk about this device after unveiling their new smartphone for 2011?

CBC News has been looking over all the latest rumors, and they to believe that it will just be a refreshed iPhone 4, which is now beginning to sound a little depressing. The likelihood of multiple iPhone handsets now seems very slim – but who knows?

The Washington Post said that we should not expect the teardrop design that was rumored way back at the beginning of the year. However, they do believe that there will be a new 4S and a cheaper iPhone 4 model. We mustn’t forget about the iPod Touch, as this personal media player is normally updated in September, so is now a little overdue. Whatever is announced, we will know soon enough.



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