Less is more, Battlefield 3 Battlelog verdict

By Peter Chubb - Oct 3, 2011

We are now in October, and is the time that the gaming market begins to move up a gear, this month sees the release of Battlefield 3, and next month Call of Duty fans will be able to get their hands on Modern Warfare 3. Both games will also be in competition with each other for their online services, EA with Battlelog and Activision with Elite. We already covered the basics, which shows that the former does not have as much to offer when compared to the latter, but a recent review has a controversial verdict saying, “Less is more.”

Battlelog has a big hill to climb if it is to ever compete with Elite, but EA is hoping that simplicity will win out. There are a number of features that are the same with both services, but it is the player stats that will be of most interest to the hardcore gamer. Now you will be able to see what weapon you use most and how many bullets you fired, which can also be accessed via your cell phone.

What we like about this is how it will help you improve during the game, at first you will see how many bullets you have been using, and you can make it your mission to get further in the game while trying to use less ammo – what a great way to compete with a friend.

Over the past week or so we have discussed how superior the graphics are on the PC for Battlefield 3 when compared to the Xbox 360 and the PS3, well the bad news just keeps coming for console owners. PC owners will be able to use Battlelog as an online hub, which Mashable has been getting some hands-on time with.

The early verdict is a little mixed, as it is not as sociable as it could be, but it is the cleaner interface and the straightforwardness of it that makes it a true winner.

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  • Asdxqwe

    Battlelog will be the death of battlefield 3

  • Dynasty2021

    I think Battlelog is great, havent had a problem with it yet.  It updates super fast after games, no more losing stats like in Bad Company 2 every time they updated. 

    Matches load so quick, less than 30 seconds for me from double clicking the server to chosing your class and deploying at one point depending on server lag/how full it is, and we dont have to watch the EA logos and other developer splash screens every time we sit down to play, no need to load the game each time, I like that. 

    Some games (looking at you Shogun 2) are an excellent cure for the will to live, and thats just to get into the main menu!

    ”Bad news for consoles keeps coming.”

    Awww.  Boohoo.  Poor (literally) console gamers who get a deservedly inferior version.  About time.  YOu want a good Battlefield game, get a PC.  Cant afford one?  Stop complaining.

    Battlefield SHOULD BE PC ONLY.  It always has been and always will be. 

    Atleast DICE know this and are a developer who sticks to their word when they say they know it was meant to be a PC game. 

    Although Deus Ex Human Revolution wasnt a console port in the end, which was nice, industry seems to be realising PC gaming ISNT deaad.

  • Anonymous

    Its like they are trying to make us PC Gamers, abandon the 10yr strategy of consoles and upgrade your PC graphics.