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iPhone 5 price may be $699, Sprint inventory teaser pre-release

Earlier on we informed you about the first possible images of Apple’s new iPhone 4S handset, but now we have some juicy information for those who are patiently waiting for updates regarding the rumored Sprint version of the iPhone 5.

For starters, further hints have been discovered on the possibility of Apple including Sprint into the iPhone game as far as the US market is concerned. A listing for a 16GB Sprint iPhone 5 has been discovered in a Radioshack inventory database, uncovered courtesy of 9to5Mac.

Combine this listing with the fact that Sprint are not letting employees take time off this week and that Sprint have been spotted installing signal boosters in their stores, then it does put strong weight behind the whispers that it is finally time for Sprint to offer the device to its customers.

That’s not all though, as we have further information which gives you a possible idea on pricing for the fifth-generation iPhone. It is going to be pretty inevitable that the device will cost a lot to own straight up without a contract, but details revealed by TUAW show a $639.99 off-contract price for the device at Cincinnati Bell, with the contract retail price apparently nailed down at $699.99. The listing has since been removed, but you can check out the screenshot through the link above, we can’t say for sure if it’s real or but, but the price does seem fairly reasonable for a new Apple product.

Don’t forget we are just hours away from Apple’s event, which will begin at 10am Pacific Time on Tuesday morning. All the answers regarding the Sprint iPhone and indeed the iPhone 5 price will be answerly surely, so we’ll just have to sit back and hold on a few more hours.

What are your thoughts on a possible $699.99 retail price off-contract for the iPhone 5 – would you buy one at this price or not?



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