Imminent Nexus Prime release date emphasized by Verizon inventory

By Alan Ng - Oct 3, 2011

If you are an Android fan, it’s likely that you are not too interested in Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 announcement, but rather more excited to hear about updates regarding Google’s next big handset, the Nexus Prime or Galaxy Nexus as it has also been known.

We’re going to deliver some content to feed your appetite now, and it’s good news too. The Nexus Prime has just shown up on Verizon’s database, which is more commonly known as Cellebrite – the system that the carrier uses to keep track of their upcoming releases internally.

The Nexus Prime can be identified by the screenshot below, showing the model number Samsung ‘SCH-I515’, along with the codename ‘Nexus Prime’ as provided by Verizon insiders Droid-Life. We hope that this name sticks too, as we’re not too keen on the ‘Galaxy Nexus’ or ‘Droid Nexus’ tags that have also been associated with the handset.

Perhaps not the reveal you were hoping for, but at least this listing proves that the handset is 100% real and will more than likely take to the stage to headline Google and Samsung’s upcoming Mobile Unpacked event which kicks off on October 11, just days after Apple’s iPhone event.

On a side note, Droid-Life also reveals Cellebrite listings for two other notable Android handsets that are on the way, one of them being the elusive HTC Vigor, while and the other is the unknown Droid HD smartphone. Could Mobile Unpacked unlock the secrets surrounding these three handsets, or will Google focus solely on the Nexus Prime and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich?

It feels like the dust has well and truly settled on the Droid Bionic handset, once touted as the best smartphone around. We have a feeling that it may become none existant as soon as Google unveil the Nexus Prime. If you are an iPhone fan reading this, are you willing to admit that you’re slightly interested in how the Nexus Prime will compare alongside Apple’s device? – We say this because we think it’s going to be a close battle indeed.

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  • Canoe_polo4

    Can’t wait to see specs to see how Nexus Prime stands upto Nokia’s N9.

  • Anonymous

    Heck, I might have to switch to ATT just to get a GS2

  • Anonymous

    Aww, Verizon will screw this up too, just like the GS2

  • xxx

    Looks to be a good phone but I might hold out for a galaxy note.  Thats the biggest device Im willing to carry with me everywhere I go and as phones become TVs more or less, a big screen is what I want.

  • Istari

    I am an iPhone fan, I have had every model since the the first in 2007 but not the iP4. I have been using a Galaxy S2 for a few months now and it is the best phone I’ve owned in every respect except for the OS and android Market. I personally prefer iOS to Android, it is nice not having to jailbreak/root to do things all phones should be capable of.
    I am not 10 years old so I don’t stick to a brand for the sake of it, I wanted a change after a long time with iPhones and the Galaxy was just too high spec’d to pass over. But if the IP5 or the Prime make my mouth water I will sell the GS2 and be happy for a year or so. I will be watching both announcements with high interest.

  • Alvega

    What I like about nexus phones is that they are the first ones to get the latest OS releases.

  • Mk4deadpool

    Well the fact that you use Google to search anything is a perfect reason. Why wouldn’t you want your phone to be powered by Google. It makes perfect t sense

  • SmarterThanU

    +1 Ramsestut.  Hard to take the article seriously when the author doesn’t have a clue WTH they are talking about!

  • Geno

    I am a current iPhone user wanting to find a good reason to switch to an Android phone. Hopefully, this phone will do it!

  • Ramsestut

    “The Nexus Prime has just shown up on Verizon’s database, which is more commonly known as Cellebrite – the system that the carrier uses to keep track of their upcoming releases internally.”
    The Cellebrite is used by multiple carriers for phone-to-phone transfers of customer data.

    • anon

      Exactly, all cellebrite does is allow transfers for contacts and pictures and such. That and if you look at the screen of the device, its not showing Verizon’s inventory, but rather a list of different Samsung devices. Sure, one of them is Verizon’s Droid Charge, but that screen shot doesn’t prove anything about inventory at all.

  • Jay

    I wish there was a demo on ICS. Im dying to see how itll run.

    • Theres a video of ice cream running on a nexus s 4g