FIFA 12 fixes for known issues and bug info

By Jamie Pert - Oct 3, 2011

Late last week we told our readers about some FIFA 12 problems which were affecting PS3, Xbox 360 and PC gamers, well as you would expect EA is hard at work trying to smooth out some of the niggling bugs – today we can reveal some of the known issues which are currently being worked on and we have a change log which lists problems which should now be fixed.

If you ever received a message which read “We are sorry but there has been an error connecting to FIFA 12 Ultimate Team. You will be returned to the FIFA 12 Main Menu” we can confirm that this should be a thing of the past as EA has revealed that this particular issue has been resolved. Below you can see more information about other fixes (you can see full details via this link):

Instances of Debug Text (may require locale change to take effect)
Team of the Week players appearing with “0” stats in show off links

Empty watch list
Inability to load Web App (a.k.a. Stadium Bug)
Inability to load Web App – “Ooops sorry” error upon logging in
Locked out of account, unable to regain access through CS

There are still some unfixed problems which EA’s devs are currently investigating, these include an annoying issue where disconnecting occurs at the end of matches, also one annoyance where console gamers can’t access FUT is being looked into. Finally EA has confirmed that there are bugs with the game’s custom tactics and deleting squads features – so EA has advised against using these for now.

It looks like EA has already rolled out an update to the PC version of the game, however there has been no official word on an update for PS3 / Xbox 360, therefore we will have to keep you posted as we hear more. Let us know if you have received an update in the comments below, feel free to explain whether this update has fixed bugs which you previously noticed.

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  • martin

    Crash in manager mode fifa 12 season 2020. It’s impossible to save, and it keep frezing if I try to get any further… whats up with that? I searched the internet for help, but I cant find any. Xbox. thanks

  • Deanfootballer

    FIFA 12 crashes when i reach the 13th page of results in Ultimate Team Auction Search and when i minimise the game (I’m on PC) it’s very annoying please help and reply if there has been a patch solving this issue, with the URL of where to get it in the reply.

  • Nelz Neo143

    i am playing fifa with empty stadium and all kit name are showin smith .. sometimes evrything appears normal.. and then again back to the issue.. i have optimal config in ma laptop.. core i5 430M,4gb ram and 1GB HD 5650 ati graphics card,, plz help its boring playin in empty stadium and no kit name

  • yea i wanna play a friend online but i cant play why is that???????

  • karan

    m playing fifa 12 on pc… and everytime i try playing FUT inbetween a game may it be online or single player the game disconnects me and forces my net to restart… when m not playing the game the net is fine is wroking without any problem but when i decide to push my luck and play a game online it restarts in the middle of the match… plz help… m dieing to play online and it always disconnects

  • Da3

    If you ever received a message which read “We are sorry but there has been an error connecting to FIFA 12 Ultimate Team. You will be returned to the FIFA 12 Main Menu” we can confirm that this should be a thing of the past as EA has revealed that this particular issue has been resolved.
    how has it been resolved i have this message everyday now it s crazy

  • Nari_ronaldo7

    Guys please help! When i open fifa, just before the language selection my fifa gets black screen and freezes for ever. PLS help. God bless you


    I have a ps3 and i do the challenges and it doesnt give ne any xp points for doing it……any one knows why……

  • Guest

    Every time I play a match on my ipod it freezes and closes the app and when I go back I have to play the game again

  • Nivbar42

    How do I fix the – there was an error creating your game session.try again

  • Tommo_Wolves

    Ok I have a really annoying problem! When I try to play an Online game in Head to Head seasons, The game tells me “We are having trouble finding your Online Information. Please try again later” I can get online to play matches but it takes about 40 mins for the game to allow me on to Head to Head seasons and find an actual game! I also cant get on to my Pro Clubs. My EA connection is working fine though. Has anyone else had this issue before?

    • Graham Brown22

      having the exact same problem just now ” we are having trouble finding your online information” then eventually when i get a game 9 out of 10 times it freezes during gameplay & i have to switch off resulting in a defeat for me! really annoying i have been relegated twice because of this! been looking online for an answer please let me know if u find anything

  • Jon213

    My profile manager is screwed up it does not keep track of my goals and my winning % is way off. It does keep accurate track of games played but that is it.

    Any advise???

  • Chris Snowy657

    I bought a Premium Pack for 7500 coins, and then I got an achievement for getting a TOTW player in a pack, but when I looked through the cards I got no TOTW player!! I have emailed FIFA UT about this, Has anyone had this happen to them and what did you do?

  • Sam Padgett

    I also get this message  “We are sorry but there has been an error connecting to FIFA 12 Ultimate Team. You will be returned to the FIFA 12 Main Menu” and it is really annoying me. please help and fix this problem asap. ps i have got ps3.

  • guest

    every time i try to play a match on fifa12 ultimate team it says “there was an error creating your game session please try again later” what do i do?

  • I use a very simple controller not like logitech or xbox controller , all controls work fine except when i pass the ball , the players automatically kick it or lose control of it.. i have disabled the AUTO passig etc. puhlease sumone help me !!!!

  • I use a very simple controller not like logitech or xbox controller , all controls work fine except when i pass the ball , the players automatically kick it or lose control of it.. i have disabled the AUTO passig etc. puhlease sumone help me !!!!

  • tom

    i can’t watch replays any more during a game or even training mode, it just shows me the center line or the screen goes black

  • that ^^ isn’t something of the past because I get it after the match. So frustrating!

  • John1997

    When I score a goal or a teamate on pro clubs (ps3) it just shows me the halfway line and not the goal whats the crack with it?

  • chuckles


  • i can’t play friendly matches against someone, online.
    whatever who is sending invite, it just apears: lost connection to* he other player. And it apears the same to both of us. please fix it.

  • Stan

    my little boy got fifa 12 on xbox for christmas but when he plays the squad names are incorrectly spelt or the wrong name is with the wrong player – is this a settings issues or fault with the game. Thaks

    • Kaoz1981

      The Problem With That Is The Game Tends 2 Do That All The Time But All You Need To Is Go On ; My FIFA 12 > Squads > Reset Squads 

  • I just “lost connection” in the minute 82 when winning 4-2 with total control, since my oponnent gave up, and the EA conceded me a lost. How the fu## is this possible? I mean, on my first game online with Fifa 12 and this happens? If this keeps up, I’ll never buy any more of their products…

  • Luke-bond

    On ultimate team my servers time out at the end of each match. I am on ps3. Is there any solutions?

  • fut

    I keep getting an error when i try to play with my ultimate team. The error is: There was an error creating your game session. Please try again.

  • Natha619

    recieved an update 2daiii :))))

  • Gufranmajid

    hi my name is majiderlod and i purchased a jumbo pack for 15000 and as soon as i purchased it it said that there was a connection problem and took me to fifa 12 arena i went back onto ultimate team and i had lost my 15000 coins and received no card from the pack please help me

  • hashim

    i have a bug in which the replay after a goal is just an empty pitch. i was expecting it to be sorted out in the update but the problem is still persisting

  • ryan

    my trade offer is still nof fixed why

  • Azzaregan

    why is there an error setting up my game on ultimate team?

  • Omie1

    stuff ive bought and are in my watch list dont let me move them and just ask me to bid again , please help.

  • i cant load up the game when im online it just crashes if im offline its fine?

  • Jamie Mccann7

    when someone bids on a player after i bidded for it it wont show up it will stay as my bid on the screen and when i try to accept a trade offer when i press triangle it disconnects me plz help!!!!

  • Chrislledrod

    fifa 12 crashes when i’m in the arena after playing a game. it happens once every 3 games…. what is this all about???  please help

  • Wigzy07

    keeps kicking me out of UT after the match has finished and it goes down as a loss getting pis@ed of now anybody know whats going on???

    • Ati cam

      i got the same issue!!!

    • Fifalove

      YE i have that problem to sucks so hard!!! FIX IT

  • liam:)

    can anybody tell me if when you make a new team on ultimate team that the special edition pcks continue to work?

    thnks 🙂

  • Rosco

    i thought the new update was ment to help but im still having same problems

  • Gemax01

    i have now had to restart manager mode twice as all data has been lost anybody els haveing this problem with this??

    • Djdannymct

      Yes me to 3 times on career mode and now I can’t get into FUT !!!

      Fecking Fifa

      • Crazyfrog-brian

        any solution on this for xbox 360?

    • Crazyfrog-brian

      did you manage to find a solution for this error ? im playing fifa 12 on xbox 360 and ive had to restart manager mode 3 times as everytime i play champions league it freezes and it won’t let me load that file again.

  • Alex

    pro ranked matches, but none of my stats gets recorded,  it is like i never played

  • JVU

    my ps3 freezes while gaming (in online and offline mode)

    • Joe

      this is what is happening to me, how do i stop it?

  • Robhorgan

    anyone else find that in career mode the game always crashes in transfer window after first season???

    • Mine always crashes after the 1st cup game, when you get to the financials.

    • Crazyfrog-brian

      mine crashes in the second season half way through, have you found any solution ?

  • Phatboi

    honstly this is beond a joke nw ea nead 2 sort something out all these ppl wi same problem and there charging 95p a pak and ya carnt even use them wat a inconvenent ultumat blaggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  • Jeff

    i am getting the same thing unable to connect bla bla bla im not happy with this all i want to no is when will the next patch come out to fix it

  • Darrendart858

    i created another account and fut12 is working fine on this account

  • Ali Hashim

    a thing of the past…huh
    maybe EA should have nothing to do with sports related games!!

  • Ali Hashim

    i played FUT for the first 2days after release, and have NOT BEEN able to JOIN into the FUT MODE since then!! i expect some sort of compensation EA/FIFA….As this is a rubbish service for the amount i have payed for the ”SPECIAL EDITION” version of this game!! NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER…..refund please!!

  • Darrendart858

    still not connecting to fifa 12 ultimate team 9/10/11

  • Mentalmark

    My FUT still doesn’t work either!! Every time I play a game it disconects at the end. Ive used up a whole teams contracts but because of the disconection the games go down as a lose.

  • Tom_m98

    I have done the skill move acomplishments for my pro up to 5 star and he could do the skills. Next time I came back on he could only juggle the ball, but it showed that the acoplishments had still already been done.        How do i fix it????

  • L Masters1

    my FUT wont work because every time i go to switch a player it disconnects me

  • stoner

    i cant play anything on my fifa 12 not even match offline just keeps freezing my ps3 gettin really pissed off now all i can do is kick a ball about in the arena any suggestions gonna snap it soon 

    • Elmorgano81

      Exact same problem mate, it’s crazy annoying. Pointless trying to play the game. Not even sure if it’s going to be addressed anytime soon as all these forums and sites seem to focus on the UT issues. God knows if our freezing problems will be sorted

    • Joe

      this is what is happening to me, if you find an answer, can you post it please?

  • I have got to the point where I deleted my fifa12 file on ps3 . Seemed to have stopped the crashing having checked to see if my ut will work but worth a shot ppl. ur stats etc arent affected. 

  • Js Stafford

    Iv had a different problem, iv been playing pro clubs but nothing i do get’s registered in my virtual pro’s accomplishments. And sometimes after doing loads of achievements on my pro in career mode or kick off, the next time i log in it says i haven’t done them. 

  • Joey t

    This is dud I’ve spent so much doe on this and I’m getting that message Unable to sign in to FIFA 12 ultimate a pro that’s crap after a 1 game.who knows the solution apart from snap it

  • youtubesidenros

    We are sorry but there has been an error connecting to FIFA 12 Ultimate Team. You will be returned to Fifa 12 Main Menu.

    Thats what im still getting everytime i try to sign in to ultimate team!!?!?

  • My game just goes from bad to worse. First I could play career mode, I cant now the team has messed up.  The menu will crash from time to time  not alot I can do that to avoid it. My ultimate team…well I can trade , thats a positive just cant play it!!!! Only game I can play is pro rank and as I said the menu crashes from time to time.
    So what can I do without issues…….

  • Wayneclark1979

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    prove. The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) says that goods should be
    of satisfactory quality, fit for the purpose and as described. The
    Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 and the Unfair Terms in Consumer
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    that may be unfair or unreasonable, unfairly weighted against you, or

  • Wayneclark1979

    i might contact trading standards as i have also got ut edition and have not been able to play it yet

  • Simmo


  • Joey t

    Man this is bull crap I put 50 quid on ther opened a few pals got no1 n still can’t even play

    • Simmo

      same pal bt i gt 60 lol

  • Michaelhughes96

    My fifs ultimate team still won’t work.!! Come on Ea. I pre-ordered this game just to get the free packs on ultimate team and now I can’t even play it.

  • jim-296

    my fifa ultimate has not worked once and STILL WONT! “We are sorry but there has been an error connecting to FIFA 12 Ultimate Team. You will be returned to the FIFA 12 Main Menu” is NOT a thing of the past!!!

  • Darrell Norgrove

    my fifa 12 ultimate team still wont work :/

  • sicknoten7

    its the web app causing the problem they need to close the web app so we can play the game

  • Wayneclark1979

    this has helped me make my mind up over bf3 or mw3

    • Phildabeast

      PES mate. thats me done with fifa now. 3 years of ultimate team, over a thousand pound spent and this is how we get repaied!!!

  • Wayneclark1979

    still happens to me

  • Typical.  The same nonsense (and some new bugs) that continue to plague EA’s flagship franchise.  Many of the same game killing bugs return and as usual EA are producing a shocking customer relations exercise.  I’m really beginning to wonder whether its worth my money any more.

  • still not able to get on pc and console games crash!

  • Ticketgod1

    i have had players with zero stats and no image when opening packs on ultimate team, also when playing a friend online i change defending controls from tactical to legacy but the game keeps resetting back to tactical every time.

    • Carl

      you can only use tactical defending online.

  • FifaFan87

    No update as yet. Been having trouble with UT since saturday now. After about 5 mins the game just freezes and i have to turn my 360 off to get back to the main menu.