Battlefield 3: PS3 Vs Xbox 360 beta graphics debate, rage ensues

By Alan Ng - Oct 3, 2011

If you have played the multiplayer beta which is now openly available for Battlefield 3, you’ll know that the console graphics quality has been the topic of considerable debate amongst gamers. With this in mind, we have a useful video comparison for you to take a look at which shows both builds of the beta on PS3 and Xbox 360 running side-by-side with each other.

If you haven’t played the beta on either the PS3 or Xbox 360 yet, you should go to your respective marketplace and download it straight away – it is free after all, although it may take some time to download depending on your connection.

You have probably seen some comparison screenshots from the beta from all three platforms since it is on PC as well, but you may not have seen any videos yet. CVG has provided one example of beta gameplay running on the console builds, and it gives you a very good idea how they compare, and just like DICE suggested, there is very little between both versions.

After watching the video below, you may agree that the Xbox 360 version is brighter, and there is definitely an argument brewing on YouTube suggesting that the Xbox 360 version is better. PS3 users on the other hand feel that this video doesn’t reflect their own opinions in terms of graphics after playing the beta, so considering that there are no major differences between the two – it will really come down to a matter of personal opinion.

Is the video an accurate representation on the graphics quality seen in the game? We’ve provided a few screenshots taken from that video below to give you an example before watching. The full version of Battlefield 3 will release on October 25th, don’t forget to check out the beta feedback from DICE here, which lists changes that they’ll be implementing into the retail version.

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  • Thedeadwalk

    I own neither, I just wanted to see how these compare to the PC version, which is graphically orgasmic, I might add. Completely unbiased opinion the box looks better than the PS! A little shocked by that! 

  • Gdvred

    Are people still stupid? PS3 clearly has more graphical data and loooks waaaaaaaay better hence the leaves in the first picture, more smoke in the second and so forth. Blue Ray discs hold alot more than ol standard dvd disc guys. 360 only stretches to 1080p or what ever hd resolution you have. as does does the ps3 but it retains thesame look as its lower resolution than the 360.

  • william

    well im an xbox fan. i think the xbox360 destroys the ps3 at grapics.

  • not biased at all

    there is a difference. x box does look better overall. its still not close to pc. but overall gameplay are about the same. my 360 is conected with hdmi same as my ps3. when i switch inputs from 1 to 2…. 360 takes the cake.

  • Marlon Pineda

    It’s always going to be this way in multi-platform titles. There are hardware reasons for this. Heck, the same thing happened with Crysis and this will be the case when Skyrim comes out as well.

    I’ve compared both betas.  The PS3 has better / sharper textures in some areas, while up close.  The 360 has better draw distance e.g. more detail at further distances, where on the PS3, the pop up is observed.  The 360 version has better lighting and shadowing e.g. darks are dark and brights are bright but this will always be the case, as its GPU has that unified shader system…which makes it comparable to 48+ pixel pipelines, which equals better shader effects, while the PS3 is around 16-24 pixel pipelines (can’t remember which).

    The hands down winner, however, is in the anti-aliasing category.  The 360 version is less jaggy, while the PS3 version uses what looks like good ol fashion Quincunx sample patters, which means softer, blurry and more jaggy edges.  The PS3 would overall be the sharper detailed game, where it not for it’s anti-aliasing patterns it uses.  You have to remember, the 360 has an extra 10mb’s of memory…10mb doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s where that memory is located that is very unique and very fast.  EDRAM is memory that located directly on the die of the graphics processor, which allows for anti-aliasing at no memory cost, and allows developers to squeeze more special effects out of the system, without factoring the anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering, which normally would occupy a good bit of resource on slower, more basic system memory.

    You are likely going to find that PS3 games are slightly, to a lot more jaggy, with sharper textures but lower resolution (in most cases) because the PS3 has always had a hard time doing anti-aliasing with HDR effects (an Nvidia shortcoming from that generation of chips, which I myself have used in my PC back in 2005) and because of this, developers choose one effect over the other e.g. AA over HDR, or HDR over AA, or in some cases, painstakingly do both with tons of workaround tricks involving the Cell processor (like Heavenly Sword and other first party titles). Worry not, the latter seems to be catching breeze, as seen in Battlefield 3, Crysis, Rage and Skyrim…but you’ll still commonly find that developers choose one over the other and just boosted the texture quality to offset having forgone a special effect, since there is now free resource in not opting to use both.

  • Markiz

    Who cares its battlefield kill em all akkk akk kaboom

  • Gunna

    the PS3 version looks more cinematic, realistic. the xbox 360 looks more cartoony, kiddy like. 

  • bf3

    Ps3 looks dull and drab. although it is a beta and I have read early code. 360 is crisper and colours are way brighter glad I a have a 360.  


    i have played it on the ps3 and it looks way better then what they pictured which i think neither version are that great at all.hopefully they will be better on release.

  • Ian_jessiman

    xbox versions looks so much better than the ps3, its just looks a lot more crisp,i know which one ill be getting anyway.

  • Asdf

    Look at the under ground section (last 15 seconds).

    Pay attention to the stairs and the bricks (pause it) you see no details on the ps3. For the PS3 the stairs  looks like big black slides while the xbox is clearly visible what it is.It looks like the ps3 textures are messed up. 
    Little dissapointing (i’m a ps3 player). 

    I did hear there is a difference in beta as they needed to keep the download to a reasonable size. The final should increase the textures for all systems.

  • Guest

    what about the PS3’s use of bloom when the Xbox 360 does not have that and the better lighting system in general.  Or the PS3’s sharper textures

  • JacksonSteel69

    Wow the PS3 colours look dull like a matte. I think I’ll sacrifice some detail for better saturation in this case. First time I’ve seen both since I’m on PC.

  • Elmo1980

    I’m sure some people don’t realise not all people want or can afford high end pc’s so are very happy with the fine job dice are doing making the cosole versions look so amazing. I’ll be getting the 360 version myself buy bare no I’ll will to the ps3 version. Both look betterthan anything else out there.

    • Tom

      Totally agreed, some people here make it sound simple to upgrading gamer pc specs every year just to follow the latest game.


    If you compare the first picture, the ps3 version has a more detailed watch texture but the 360 colour setup is much better. BUT pc version is generations ahead and is the best way to play it.

  • the PC SMOKES both of them! 

  • Anonymous

    It would feel immoral and wrong to play Battlefield on anything other than a pc.