Battlefield 3 beta hacks bring 250 player Conquest

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 3, 2011

Right behind a promo code for the Battlefield 3 Limited Edition, offer ended last night, we’ve seen some images and a video that compare the graphics on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Battlefield 3 beta. These images shocked us, especially with the way they made the PS3 look really bad, and some say a little incorrect when you remember the lighting system on the PS3.

Over the weekend we saw news reported that stated the Battlefield 3 beta had been hacked to offer support for 128 players, which sounds pretty cool when you think about it, and with more than 100,000 players testing the game we’re sure some of these would love that feature.

Then you got to remember that servers running the Operation Metro map in conquest with this many players are unofficial, and those that tried these games found a lot of lag. Since this news we’ve seen an official announcement about this issue, which can be found here on the official channel.

Now 250 Players – After this story broke we saw a lot of feedback from the BF3 beta players, and some people shared images that proved 250 player games were being reported, as seen in the image above, and this opened some questions about these hacks being a good idea. Players will not want the beta shut down, but it’s the view of a few players that BF3 hacks like these show what the game is capable of and should be seen as a positive.

We’re not sure if we agree with this line of thought, but share yours in the comments. Do you think games with this many players would be too crowded?

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  • Wertyui

    250 player for a map that is designs for 32 / 64 players would suck, think of the spawning it would be insane, however if the maps were bigger, sure why not

  • MAG did it, you can too. ADD THIS IN, DICE!!

  • 250 players, bring it on!!!

  • Foulis King

    Why not have 2 different game modes? Like ranked and ranked big team or something to that effect. In the ranked rooms limit the number of players to the original limit. In big team allow at least double the number of players per team. They are getting 64 player vs. On the pc. Why not on the console? Doing this Would step Battlefield up a notch on the console and really give the Halo and COD franchises a run for their money!
    Very hopeful Battlefield veteran!