Apple keynote time for iPhone 5 / iOS 5 clashes with Adobe

Since the launch of the iPhone both Apple and Adobe have not been the best of friends, due to Steve Jobs not being shy on saying what he thinks about their flash player. So it comes as no surprise that Adobe is to hold a keynote at the same time as the Apple event on October 4, 2011. Seems like iOS 5 will clash with its nemesis, which does seem a little silly to us.

Okay, so we know that there will be a few eyes on Adobe to see what they have to talk about, but let’s face it, most tech websites will only care about two things, iOS 5 and the new iPhone 5, although we are still uncertain if that will be the official name. Both events will begin at 10am Pacific.

The likes of Samsung, BlackBerry, HP and Motorola are sponsoring the Adobe event, although we still expect them to be listening to what Apple has to say – well they need to know what they are up against. AppleInsider is uncertain who called their keynote first, but we all know that Apple pulls these things out of the bag at the last possible moment.

Thankfully the relationship between the two companies have started to repair themselves, and there has been rumors that there could soon be limited support, as Apple and Adobe have now started to work more closely with each other. It does make sense, as both have been stubborn, and it’s only the user who loses out.

We do not know what to expect from the Adobe keynote, but it is strange how this has just come out of the blue, this is the first time we have heard about it. One has to wonder if they have chosen this time deliberately?



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