Apple event October 2011: Best live coverage with blog streams

Now that we’re just 24 hours away from Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event we wanted to roundup a few of the best places to get live updates for the Apple event for October 4, 2011. Below you will find links to some of the best live coverage with blog streams using different types of software favored by each blog.

Some websites like to just post updates with photos as the event unfolds, although you will need to keep refreshing the page. One classic gadget blog that does this is Engadget, which is also one of the most popular tech sites for news. You will see their section for the live blog via this page on Engadget’s website.

Gizmodo have also got their live page updated and now titled “The new iPhone 5 Liveblog”, although as they point out Apple could throw in many different products and services at this event, not just the iPhone. This is becoming more evident as Apple aim to tie their products together with software that works in harmony and services that connect the products together like iCloud.

Many of the other popular technology blogs are using the well-known “Demand Media” live blogging platform, which updates in real-time without the need for a refresh. This software also lets the blogger add photos as the Apple event unfolds, although we are yet to see a live video stream for the upcoming press conference. Two tech sites using this live blog software for this event includes T3 and ZDNet.

As always you’ll be able to download the Apple keynote video for “Let’s Talk iPhone” after the event, which should appear on this page. Will you be using one of the live blogs above, and if not which will you use?



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