iPod touch 5G features chosen by you

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 11, 2012

You wouldn’t think there would be a new iPod touch 5G at the Apple event in two days, especially considering Apple named the invites with “iPhone” and not “iPod”. So we know for sure they want to talk about the iPhone 5/4S, but what about other products and services like iCloud, and a new iPod device?

We spoke about rumors of a new touchscreen home key back in April of this year, and the possibility of a white 5th generation iPod touch appearing at Tuesday’s press conference with just a few changes, although is this what the users want? We looked at the feedback from PR readers and it seems most of you would like an upgrade and have voiced your opinions on what iPod Touch 5G features are needed.

Some of you made a few predictions for the next iPod, which include the device being smaller this year and featuring an A5 processor with increased RAM, and 1080p video recording. One of the most wanted features is “3G”, although some people quickly point out this will help Apple lose sales of the iPhone.

So no matter how crazy some of the wanted features are, these are the ones you asked for so far: 3G Internet, a larger display, 8PM camera, a faster processor, 4G, ability to make free phone calls, free Internet access, a cheaper price, FM radio like on the Nano, and more battery life when using video. It seems that a lot of people want all that they expect on the iPhone 5, but without the phone.

When do you think Apple will release the iPod touch 5G? And are any features missing from what’s mentioned above, which you want?

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  • Drea

    I want it to viberate so I know when I get a text instead of the annoying sounds they have

  • iWallet lol

    I would like an iTouch that works like an iPhone, but it will have less people buying iPhones.  Just take out the calling and leave in FaceTime.  If you made something new, I don’t know what you would call it, maybe an iWallet.  You could put your money in it and inside, your iPhone was stuck to your wallet.  This would be less stealing of iPhones, just have them in small, leather cases.  I do know that wallets occasionally do get stolen, but it’s more of a problem for iPhones: My sister had her wallet stolen once, and her iPhone stolen 3 times.

  • TheChicaWhoRocks

    ummmmm…..better video camera

  • Robb

    Fingerprint reader

  • Ajt0496

    how about on an ipod touch 3d display and 5-12 mp 3d camera with led flash dual would be nice 3g access 4g would be even better at least a 128gb vibrator mobile hotspot but most of all ADOBE FLASH

  • Manny23

    3G Internet, bigger screen, 8PM camera,
    a faster processor, 4G, ability to make free phone calls, free Internet
    access, a cheaper price,  more battery life when using video , 100-160 GB , No contract or Fee, 1080p .

    • Brandino 19

      Not going to happen

      • Manne

        they should add those features

      • Manny34

        they should add those features

    • Lilmissperfect216

      i have a questions is the 3g like everywhere… as in like even if ur not in a wifi area (im really un tech savvy so sorry if this sounds really amateur) 

      • Manny23

        what do you mean…….are you saying could you access the internet even if ur not in a wifi area


    More GB! how about 120 Gb or 100GB

  • Brandino 19

    The latest rumors on google say there will only be minor changes. The colour white, and coating for no fingerprints, agree of disagree?

  • WEE


  • Socaldanielp

    3G internet with no fees or contracts 

  • Cesarm1992


  • Girldragon45

    Definitely: better camera, faster processor, ios 5 with icloud, longer battery life.
    Possibly bt unlikely: white ipod touch 5g would be coolA5 chip not too suretext msg between ipod touches over wifibuilt in radiono home button.Highly Unlikely: wider screen would be nice bt might not hppn3G? really unlikely…3g Ipod Touch 5g = basically iphone 5g, so what’s the point?128+ GB models3DThat is pretty much it…We all know Apple will never add all these desired features at once anyways! Later Ipod generations are going to need something to appeal customers..!!! #MckendyFJ  

  • Ismaelvillalobos64

    Ipod touch 5g is going to be announced on tuesday october 4.
    It will have a 8 mega pixel camera with 1080p video recording
    Better retina display.
    3G internet
    Colors black/white
    And up to 1g of RAM

    • andres

      how do you know ?

      • Brandino 19

        Exactly. ^ I heard the event was on the fifth?

        • SJ

          hey genius apple already sold all the tickets. its tomorrow.

        • Atassone2000

          no its on the 4th today

  • Gaston

    Integrated coffee maker and milk steamer for my latte macchiato.

  • Atassone2000

    It needs text messaging that would be good but just make the price larger

  • Atassone2000

    Put 3g network but dont put free phone calls and 7mp camera is good.It also needs like 10 hrs of battery life

  • joe

    8PM Camera? really?

  • Dinadoll2299

    We don’t need a phone, that’s what the IPHONE is for so if you want a phone in the iPod touch, the iPhone is kind of an obvious solution.

    Larger display, better camera, radio, and more battery life.

  • Anh022


  • Woody

    Slightly bigger screen, oleophobic coating, longer battery life, better camera, A5, more RAM, and last but not least, 3G data plans for a 3G iPod Touch.

    Tall order, I know. I’m bracing myself for Cook to only introduce a white model with last year’s specs at lower prices and call it a day. That would suck.

    • Lilmissperfect216

      wait so the 3g for ipod’s are based on a data plan??? 

  • arlacta

    no one really needs 1080p, 720p is enough. but for phototaking you need more than 960×720 pixels, that’s pathetic! i’d want 5MP, like in the iphone 4.

    • immy

      well it is better to have 1080p instead of 720p. lol

  • Atassone2000

    i want more battery life

  • Brandino 19

    Most important one for me is the upraded camera. It needs to be improved! and the colour white is nice too.. 🙂

    • Alexmarison

      Dual A5 chips is what’s most important to me. And, Apple, please don’t even bother with 3G if youre not going to give us 4G. I don’t want a discount, second rate device – you can make an additional iPod touch that is such a thing, but none has been one so far, I am expecting the new one to be state of the art.