iPhone 5 release date doubts after 4S name slips

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 2, 2011

The world this weekend is filled with people relaxing and enjoying what weekends should be, and millions of these relaxed people are Apple fans that know in just two days we’ll get the next generation of Apple devices. The event is rumored to bring an iPhone 5 release date and maybe even a new iPod touch 5G.

Moments after we see our readers are happy to buy a Nexus Prime right away without checking reviews, and the same for the next iPhone, we get another story about the new iPhone name. The news comes thanks to this post that shows some references to “iPhone 4S” in the latest iTunes beta Info.plist file.

You can see the same references in the image below, and it clearly shows “iPhone 4S” in the value field under description, with more references to icons and a white version of the iPhone 4S. One positive note is that the new device should be a dual-mode phone that supports both GSM and CDMA networks, meaning that Apple can market just once device worldwide rather than two.

This should worry owners of the iPhone 4, with reports from industry insiders stating there is no signs of an advanced iPhone 5 model, which current owners would love an upgrade, especially after a much longer wait for the 5th generation iPhone. The antenna design certainly needs improving on this generation, but that alone with a few small tweaks will not be enough for most people to update their aging iPhone.

Are you worried there will be no iPhone 5 release date, and instead just a slightly improved iPhone 4S?

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  • I don’t really care what iCrap they release next all I know is that iPhone4 was their peek phone and from now on it will be downhill for Apple as competitors are bringing far better hardware and soon far better software as well.

    • Anonymous

      Just how far up your arse is your head.  You’re so clueless.  Apple is who all those crappy android handsets continue to copy.  I suppose you love your Windows PC too — what a clueless loser.

      • Anonymous

        Oh. Like iOS 5? The copycat update of Android and Blackberry?

  • SJ

    It’s not true. Trust me.

  • Andrevanharen

    Worried? We talking about a phone, not a new life threatening virus. If there isn’t a new phone, I’ll keep on using my old one. Nothing wrong with it.

  • Anonymous

    Innovate. Don’t just bump up specs. If this is true, I’m going with the Nexus Prime for sure. I want something new not just the same old warmed over again.

    • Anonymous

      blah, blah, blah — nothing new here.  enjoy your crappy droid piece of junk.

      • NGJ

        Heavho !
        Your comments are quite harsh, maybe open your mind a bit to some friendly debate.
        I got out of the Apple bubble after owning 1 version.
        Stick your head out and see what real freedom is like.