Battlefield 3 beta update: Bugs corrected and problems

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 2, 2011

Over the first week of Battlefield 3 beta gameplay we’ve seen some players amazed at the graphics, normally a PC user, and those that are disappointed with both graphics and bugs in the game. When it comes to PC graphics we’ve seen Nvidia and ATi receive results from reviewers, which included a few benchmarks while playing the BF3 beta, and this was followed up with a driver update from ATi to improve performance.

Towards the end of this week players got the first Battlefield 3 open beta update, which was designed to update users on a number of bugs and problems in the game. The final game will include improvements with the squad list, an issue with the crosshair disappearing, framerate stability fixes, tweaks for rank progression and scores of service stars and medals, and a low health screen effect has been added that warns you subtly.

The list of fixes also includes some Battlefield 3 beta bugs that were corrected, which includes spawning on dead squad mates, a killcam glitch is gone, and some client crashing has been fixed when reviving. You can see the full list via the official blog here. You will notice a lot of comments on that page and these are reporting more bugs being found in the game after this update, although players must remember this is still a beta so there is still a lot of work needed.

One recent tweet by Daniel Matros points out that the bugs being found in the beta are not in the “main game already”, and that the retail game is ”well ahead” of the beta with many more bug fixes in place. Are you still finding more bugs in the Battlefield 3 beta after this first update?

Article Updated October 2nd.

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  • Mxman

    I’m running on a PC with a graphics card worth 50% more than any console and I’m so dissipointed.
    This feels like a poor mans bad company 2 in terms on graphics.
    List of graphics issues including glitching, poor collosion detection etc

    Let’s hope they fix this in time of launch and the game play is better

  • Snakeater

    I have the PS3 version, and while I’ve noticed almost no graphical glitches or anything like that, the massive problem I am having is the connection constantly being lost! It gets so bad it ususally happens almost once every 15 minutes, so I lose my game and any progress I made. Incredibly frustrating!
     Anybody else having that problem?

  • Asagaai

    Got a 4 core PC (with water cooling) and two  2 MSI lightning extreme 580 graphic cards in SLI.

    Coming from Battlefield 2 I hated this game the first 4 -6 odd rounds- was glitchy and buggy.  I then persisted the next day and the  servers were patched/upgraded  and improved the gameplay a lot- and the more I play this now  the more I get sucked in.  Graphics and sound are fantastic- love the penultimate A and B zones in the final section of the train station- absolute chaos with rockets/grenades/gun fire.

    I play on ultra every setting, get an average 94 odd fps without overclocking- and the graphics are pretty awesome on ultra and a 27 inch LED HD screen.

    Really liking this game now-little bit of COD but still more teamplay involved.   But is has a sense of immediacy and being in the zone that BF2 and COD did not. 

  • Dicer

    Been playing this on XBox all weekend & loving it!! For me the pure greatness of the game outways the odd Beta bug here & there, & anyway like the man said the bugs being found in the beta are not in the “main game already”, and that the retail game is ”well ahead” of the beta with many more bug fixes in place.  Yeah cant wait.

  • Rodriguez_wacky

    Been playing it on ps3 alot and besides the current clitches and some minor problems, this game is pretty fuckin awesome. Can’t wait for the finished product 😀

  • Mr_g_ellis

    Loving the beta pre ordered my copy str8 away having played cod for the last 4years I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did but I love the realism can not wait for the final game

  • Deen08

    ive been playing the ps3 beta and to be honest didnt like it for the first few goes but being a fan of the previous game thought id give itt another go and think it plays ok now being able to fully crouch and guns having stands i cant wait for the finished game and as for people moaning about no tanks or choppers come on its a free beta what more you want 

  • Coketom

    what about console player how we going get the patch

  • Ryan Butt

    what is the new patch’s Download size??

  • Sam

    My game crashes after like 5 minutes on PC. Dunno if I got a patch or not

  • Angry Dave

    That’s just a list of fixes for the final game like it says on there… no mention of a beta patch. That’s why people are still finding the same bugs.

    • Robb_0909

      Love the game but having issues with joining my friends squad and vice versa. This is one thing that really needs to be fixed.