Xbox Live Outage: Problems with BF3 Beta and Gears of War 3

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 1, 2011

We are just getting reports of a worldwide Xbox Live outage, and while we’re not sure if the whole system is down or if the crazy hacker rumors are true, this low-key blog post reports that there are problems with Gears of War 3, Battlefield 3 beta, and FIFA 12.

The disruption at first seemed to be tied to maybe a few players having internal problems with their consoles, and then it became a little more than this once we had a few reports from other users. The BF3 Beta is one game that is being reported with having problems on Xbox Live, although this could just be a few users having their own issues and leading to scaremongering.

Issues reported include greyed out menu options, Xbox 360 system crashes, and controller lock ups. One user said the Xbox Live Parties were working ok, although this news has only broke in the last hour so we’ll update you as we get more information. We just had another email and seen comments on popular gaming site N4g, which state that some users are struggling to get a game right now. At first one user thought it was their Internet or the Gears of Wars 3 servers. We cannot confirm if these rumours are currently true, but will be checking for any official announcements from Microsoft over the next hour.

Update: We’ve just tested our machine and played Reach, Xbox Live seems to be running as usual.

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  • Chris

    BACK ON!!! 😀

  • Mattjl1985

    I can’ log on to xbox live or the website, could it have something to do with this BT Broadband outage today? Maybe the UK servers use a BT Connection? Are any other countries having a problem?

    • Chris

      I doubt it mate, they hav there own servers i think to handle so many connections . 🙂

  • Chris

    Hmmm Freebie please microsoft lol

  • Smithy91

    when i try to sign in it loads for a while then says “a problem occurred while signing in. please try again. if the problem persists…” i test my connection, it says its running fine, i thought i had been hacked so i tried to log in on the xbox website and it said “service is unavailable”. i checked if my brothers account on his xbox was working and got the same “problem…” message.

    i was playing fifa 12 ultimate team at the time my xbox live randomly disconnected (while i was winning 3-0 in the final of the £5k tournament)… this blows!

  • Elliot Hope

    What’s Major Nelson?

  • MajorNelson posted on twitter a few minutes ago saying that they’re looking into it now, Live is down for most (if not all) people worldwide

    • Jeremey1110

      do they know why yet

  • Mkoziatek13

    neither can i…wtf?

  • Doubledipdave

    I’m having no joy getting online hope it’s sorted soon

  • Daniel

    I can’t even log onto xbox live on the xbox or on the website

  • someone unkown

    is it xbl’s turn for an outage? just like the psn. its would hurt bad with the release of battlefield 3 soon. my april vacation was ruined when psn had an outage. 

  • Kingpedrok69

    fifa 12 wont let me log in it constantly reports their server are offline but my friendss are playing online now

  • Sk8erstevenwalsh925

    Yes bf3 is bug ridden but juat remember so was bfbc2 when beta hit and as usual the full retail game was one of the best games i ever played. So ill stick with dice i still have high hopes for them.

  • Fedupwithindiancalls

    I’m in London, Uk. I am getting these problems too.  Connecting to xbox live is unstable and if I do get connected the usual menu options aren’t there.

  • XBL is fine. BF3 beta is bug ridden and terrible.  Really discouraging from the 10 minutes I spent playing and not feeling anything in the way of excitement or engaging gameplay.  While DICE reports that there is a much more accomplished and beautiful retail version already near completion, it’s still a bit of a slap in the face to offer this as their big beta run.  Why offer beta on a version of the game that is been far surpassed?  It negates any real good/constructive feedback and information gathering it could do.  FAIL!

    If you are having trouble connecting to XBL, maybe make sure your internet is working fine and your network settings are fine.  Certain routers & wireless adapters can lose connection from time to time.  Don’t assume it’s the service since almost everyone else is using it just fine.

    • Cookie

      of course its bug ridden… its a BETA lol

  • Ant

    my system crashed earlier with fifa 12

  • Mjc018084

    I can’t purchase games.

  • whoknows

    i can’t connect